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Traditional research and feedback methods are outdated and not the right method to listen to your audience. Questionnaires are boring, time consuming and very often not relevant. And on top of that it is mostly very unclear for the respondent what happens with the feedback.

abbi uses mobile messaging and asks respondents about their experiences and opinions at the right time and on the right place.

With abbi, data is collected in a fun, easy and attractive way with as goal to create a better experience that leads to better decisions and more effective marketing activation.

  1. 1

    Activates Customer Feedback

    abbi acts at the cross point of feedback and relevant communication for better engagement and conversion.

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    From Data to Real-Time Insights

    Mobile data collection is translated real-time into insights, that can be visualized in attractive dashboards.

  3. 3

    Fun, Fast and Powerful

    abbi offers a highly engaging experience that delivers rich and meaningful data which improves quality and speed of business decision making.

Market Research Reinvented

abbi insights reinvents market research by building it up from scratch with mobile technology that makes giving feedback faster, better and more fun. abbi uses mobile messages to activate respondents during the moments that matter and uses a research chat bot to ask the questions. The results are shared real time with the respondents and the feedback can be used for instant activation via specific recommendations in the chat and/or new mobile messages. This results in a far better user experience and a truly engaged audience that know that their voice is really heard.

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Use abbi as an App, Web Browser or API Solution

Starting with abbi is super simple. abbi can be used as an app, a web or API solution for white label integration in existing applications. This is what makes abbi a super valuable insights and activation platform.

  1. Through a web link

  2. Through the abbi app

  3. Through a QR code

  4. Within an already existing app or platform

abbi's Mobile and Tech Solutions

Market Research With Mobile Technology

Mobile Research Communities

abbi creates mobile research communities to interact and co-create with any audience in order to increase their involvement, commitment and loyalty. 

In-the Moment Ad-Hoc Chatsurveys

The abbi conversation engine enables you to design and script your survey in a matter of time. You easily decide when to send out a survey, allowing you to quickly respond to current events. 

Continuous Feedback Loops

Connect abbi as an add-on to your existing customer contact streams and monitor client feedback in a continuous way throughout the year to help you steer your organization. 

More Than Just Research

An abbi chatflow can contain exactly the content you want, leaving it suited for more than just research purposes, such as marketing campaigns, lead generation and profile enrichment.

How Do We Get Started?

  1. Choose the solution or survey

  2. Select target audience, time and place

  3. Create script, send invite & start chat

  4. Share outcomes & activate users

Powered by 20 Years of Market Research Experience

From Data to Real-Time Insights and Activation

Want to know how the abbi research chatbot can help you to get the best customer insights and boost your customer and/or employee engagement? Reach out to abbi and they'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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