CM Groep

CM Groep holds several global operating telecommunication companies specialised in corporate mobile messaging, mobile payments and ticketing.
CM Groep focuses on acquiring similar businesses and companies for professionalising the level of knowledge of the corporate mobile messaging and payments market.

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  • Founded in 1999, by Jeroen van Glabbeek and Gilbert Gooijers
  • Headquarters in Breda, the Netherlands
  • Privately owned and self-funded
  • Offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Hong Kong, China and South-Africa
  • Operationally active in 200+ countries
  • Market leader in Belgium and the Netherlands
  • 230+ employees
  • Award winning company: Technology Fast 50, High Growth Award, Best Managed Company, European Business Award, Great Place to Work and FD Gazellen Awards

In recent history CM Groep successfully acquired and merged several international operating companies. CM Groep aspires to continue to merge and acquire similar businesses and companies to further professionalize the mobile messaging platform.

CM Groep focuses on the continuous development and consolidation of design and construction of (technical) services in global corporate mobile messaging and mobile payments. We have an excellent in-house expertise for developing and constructing technical software.

Today CM Groep represents a unique collection of technology and innovation based communication solutions that play a key role in the growing global need for mobile messaging. voice solutions, payments and access.

Our industry expertise means that we know and excel in the world we operate in. History has proven we can add value to companies by requisitioning or merging and consolidate services.

Acquired companies

Our intention is to continue to expand our technical knowledge and expertise on mobile messaging, voice solutions, payments and access.

In the past decade CM Groep has therefore acquired multiple similar companies and business portfolios.

CM acquired MobileWeb

MobileWeb is the Belgian market leader in bulk SMS traffic. Through its reliable and secure platform, MobileWeb offers a wide variety of SMS solutions to large corporations as well as small and medium sized businesses.

CM acquired GIN

GSM Information Network (GIN) designs and supports software platforms for Internet and database access which mobile phones can use for SMS and MMS traffic. GIN additionally assures the international licenses for implementation of this technology.

CM acquired Produline

ProduLine offers international consumers and small companies an easy to use online interface to send SMS Messages in an affordable way. Messages are sent through the website SMSExtraPro.

CM acquired Paratel

Paratel manages several product lines: IVR (Interactive Voice Response), SMS, interactive TV-shows and iDTV. For each of these product lines Paratel manages the return path for its customers. Paratel’s mission is to ensure that its customer can interact with as broad an audience as possible via as many different media channels as possible.

CM acquired SMS Hosting

SMSHosting works for companies that require business critical as well as time critical SMS messaging. SMSHosting's Mobile Dialogue Platform ensures carrier grade connections to more than 200 telecom networks worldwide.

CM acquired OneSixty Mobile

OneSixty is specialized in mobile marketing through developing apps for iOS, Android and Windows phones. OneSixty Mobile hosts websites, offers SMS services, interaction design, back-end development and web apps.

CM acquired Callfactory

Callfactory offers mobile messaging services such as SMS and IVR and on-device payments. Callfactory connects its customers through for instance web based services and works with more than 900 telecom operators worldwide.

CM acquired SMStrade

SMSTrade is a German mobile engagement company that specialises in sending SMS messages, bulk mailing applications, SMS inbound solutions and the execution of payments via mobile phone. SMSTrade relies on direct SMS routing with maximum deliverability.

CM acquired SMSpromote

The German mobile messaging company SMSPromote offers software for mobile messaging services such as bulk SMS through an online gateway and web interfaces. SMSPromote offers a worldwide coverage and connects to more than 750 networks.

CM acquired Mobilant

Mobile messaging specialist Mobilant started in 2002 as SMS-Selling. Today, Mobilant services more than 15.000 customers. Mobilant offers its customers a powerful platform for the use of mobile services such as out- and inbound solutions.

CM acquired Globalk Messaging

Global Messaging is a mobile marketing company specialising in fulfilling mobile marketing needs and strategies through SMS, SMS Surveys and URL Shortening. Its platforms are simple to understand and to use.

CM acquired Sevice2Media

Service2Media is front runner in building innovative mobile solutions for enterprises. Service2Media has a decade of experience in unburdening during all phases of the app lifecycle from consultancy, design, development, up to maintenance and monetisation.

CM acquired TicketFlow

TicketFlow is a ticketing provider that supplies white-label software and hardware for admission control at events. The platform is optimised to be able to deal with visitor peaks to process a large amount of tickets.

smskaufen logo

The German mobile messaging company SMSKaufen started in 2000. SMSKaufen offers an online platform for mobile messaging services such as bulk SMS.

innosend logo

Innosend is a mobile messaging company that was founded in 2003. Innosend is an online mobile messaging platform, including services like bulk SMS.

docdata logo

Docdata Payments was part of INGRAM MICRO. Docdata Payments is an online payment service provider for webshops in Europe and has many different retailers and e-commerce companies, brands and promising start-ups as their clients.


EventsIT is specialized in access-related services for sporting events and is a supplier to major sports associations and sports organizations. EventsIT provides ticketing, registration and accreditation services.

Our Team

CM Groep is led by an experienced acquisitions team that focuses on finding similar companies for investments and giving them tools to help them grow.

Our team has an outstanding track record and has successfully led several mergers and acquisitions with no disruptions.

The team members represent a balance in finance, legal matters, corporate affairs and corporate management.

Merger & Acquisitions Team:

Jeroen van Glabbeek

Jeroen van Glabbeek


Jeroen is CEO of CM Groep and founded CM Groep together with Gilbert Gooijers in 1999. He has won several international awards for CM throughout the years, including the Red Herring Europe award and the European Business Award.

Gilbert Gooijers

Gilbert Gooijers

Managing Director

Gilbert is one of the founders of the CM Groep. Gilbert holds a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology. Gilbert is responsible for the operational management of CM and has gained extensive experience in the fields of management, innovation and marketing.

Jan Saan

Jan Saan


Jan is CTO at CM Groep, has over 15 years of experience in the ICT field and is specialised in integrating mobile technologies into existing environments. In prior acquisitions he was the leading coordinator for all transition services.

Marijn van der Hoofden

Marijn van der Hoofden

Financial Analyst

Marijn joined CM in 2009 and has been involved in all acquisitions of CM. Marijn is the first point of contact as he evaluates potential acquisitions and investment proposals. Furthermore, he manages bank and investor relations as well as financial analysis.

Eric Fransen

Eric Fransen

Sales Manager

Eric joined CM in 2010 and empowers the sales teams. He has been responsible for business results and supervised multidisciplinary teams of up to 100 people. Eric has been involved in prior acquisitions of Mobillion, Paratel, MobileWeb and Motricity.

Aard Kegge

Aard Kegge

Legal Counsel

Aard joined CM in 2015 as legal counsel. He is responsible for M&A within the legal department of CM. He oversees the legal due diligence in the larger acquisitions, and drafts and negotiates all agreements for the various M&A projects of CM.

Rens Melsen

Rens Melsen

M&A werknemer

Rens joined CM in 2015 and is currently involved in corporate finance and acquisitions. He works together with the team on investment proposals, financial analysis and helps to manage bank and investor relations.


CM Groep has shown a sustainable growth and has been a highly profitable company for many years running.

The financial performance has been awarded several times by renowned organizations and companies like the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award, FD Gazellen Award and the High Growth Award.

Financial growth CM Groep

CM Groep is still privately owned by its original founders and therefore has a competitive advantage in mergers and acquisitions, growth and shareholder value.

We realized a substantial growth in our net profit and volumes. This has led to a strong and solid financial base with limited external funding to date.

CM Groep has a substantial pool of funding at its disposal in order to acquire additional companies. Next to that, committed senior banking facilities are on stand-by and ready to be drawn upon, specifically designed for the purpose to fund acquisitions.

If necessary, CM Groep can call upon several private equity firms who all have expressed a strong desire to invest in the company. CM Groep has purposely developed and maintained close relationships with these firms as well as with several informal investors.