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European online garden specialist doubles turnover | Shopify eCommerce platform through

Growing With Your Online Platform?

Easy and safe online payment plays a crucial role in this. This was shown by, which has doubled its turnover since the integration of Shopify via We spoke to Harry Buurman, Business Owner E-commerce at, about their choice for Shopify for international growth. is the ‘One Stop Green Shop’ for consumers in Europe, with a wide range of plant (supplies) products for in or outside the house. From seeds, plants to full hedges; you can buy everything for a greener life, directly from the grower. "That makes attractive to many people in many countries," Harry explains.

NL Turns Green - Green Makes You Happy

It turns out that there is a demand for “Especially if you’re looking at what is happening around us. If you have to stay at home more, you try to create a nice living environment. Whether that is indoors or outdoors, and whether you have a big or small outside area. Green should be part of your life. Especially now. Just nice and fresh air in your house and making sure you feel at home and in the garden is super important!”

"We feel in every fiber of our body that if you bring in green, and you ensure that it blossoms, it makes you happy as a person." therefore offers everything people need to grow plants and green fingers. “To make that first plant of someone who is going to live alone for the first time a success. We actually want that plant to move to every next house and grow with that person. And we hope that the collection will expand of course, which is good for us. ”

From Catalog to Online Shopping Platform

Growth is also an important theme for itself. “ is a company that has been around for years. After it went bankrupt a few years ago, it was taken over by investors," Harry says. “Since then it has experienced tremendous growth. After the takeover, made the transition from a catalog as the main sales channel to various online channels. These include our own website and online market places. But a spot is also preserved for our catalog.”

Future-Proof Transition

In addition to an online focus, has started a transition in processes and systems. “We look closely at our product range to ensure that it matches the wishes of the current consumers. We're active in quite a few countries, so we are also looking at what consumers in those countries are asking for,” Harry says. The delivery process is also being optimized. "We want our products to be delivered fresh from the grower to the consumer's home, in a safe and good way." Shopify's integration into their online platform makes this transition completely future-proof. Offers Speed and Convenience

"We're seeing tremendous growth in online sales through," Harry states. “It's becoming increasingly normal to also order green online. Due to our online focus, we are quickly gaining market share. There are one or more garden centers in every village. But online there wasn't a place yet where you can find almost everything. And that is the place that we currently claim as ”

Plants are complex products to sell. “It's fresh every day, so the whole process should be quick. It cannot be left at the parcel deliverer for 3 days. And that makes us special, we can do almost everything in-house because we were originally a mail order company. The grower comes to us in the morning with large containers full of plants. We pack them and send them individually to our consumers. Delivery with as little delay as possible, so that our consumers have their product at home as soon as possible. We have a few competitors, but with our capacity of 50,000 parcels a day - sent from our own distribution center - we grow very quickly. ”

Transition to Shopify

All ingredients mentioned before must be correct, but without easy online payments you are nowhere as a webshop. So integrated Shopify, an e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. With Shopify you can create a cloud version of your webshop in a few simple steps. “We were looking for a flexible platform, where we can try things very lean and mean. With Shopify we can expand our platform in an accessible way, because we are growing but are also a startup. Shopify enables us to achieve great results with actually small steps. We just want to be able to grow quickly and be able to switch quickly. Shopify allows us to do that.

Harry: “After bankruptcy, we started working with Shopify. We turned Shopify on in all the new countries and we just see huge conversion differences, with even doubling in conversion. And that is a combination of factors. With small tweaks we have been able to make our online e-commerce platform completely to our own liking. Even with a small team we can achieve a lot, because we can push the buttons ourselves. ”

payments provider

Choosing as Payment Service Provider

For a direct integration of the Shopify plugin with online payment options, a suitable PSP (Payment Service Provider) was required. We chose The CM Payments plugin for Shopify provides payment processing within Shopify webshops. The CM Payment plugin is already used in hundreds of webshops, including now Harry: “We wanted a plugin so we could easily add new countries. Install the plugin, enter credentials, and you're done, it's as easy as that. Thanks to we do this in a relatively short periode of time. We continue to expand to other countries, and we are doing that together with ”

Payments Offer

Harry: “The collaboration with is actually very smooth. We have our own contact persons so we know who to go to. If there are issues, they respond quickly. Especially Marco Hoeve and his colleague Kevin Blommestein have been great help with the Shopify integration.”

Kevin Blommestein, Senior Product Owner Payments at “During the preparation phase, had a clear plan in mind with a concrete planning. From we could use this for our product development for the Shopify plugin. By testing well in every phase and evaluating after each launch whether there were any outstanding points, we were able to move to the next steps in phases. has chosen to set up a separate Shopify plugin. This allows us to make full use of our payments offer, without being dependent on Shopify. In addition to its existing offering, can offer a competitive rate based on its existing PSP proposition. ”

Bakker in 2021

Given the good results, it should come as no surprise that plans to further expand their Shopify webshop internationally. In addition to the international expansion of the Shopify platform, has more optimizations plannend. “We want to help consumers find solutions as much as possible. So where we now have a larger range, and the range is focused on what people want, we also want to offer tips and tricks on how to actually make those plants a success. So the total package to bring your plants to bloom. Even if you don't have green fingers. That will be 2021 as far as I'm concerned. ”

Payments Plugin for Shopify

The CM Payments plugin for Shopify provides payment processing within your Shopify webshop. Combine convenience for your consumers and fast payment for you as a retailer. The CM Payments plugin offers a lot of payment methods in checkout. Also interested in Shopify? Look here for more information. ”

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