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How CORPUS extends its online experience with CM.com solutions


A Journey Through the Human Body

CORPUS is an experience that takes the visitor on a journey through the human body. Every 7 minutes, a new group starts walking through the experience. Working with time slots requires innovative options at a ticketing partner that combines ticket sales and the POS system.

The Brain of CORPUS Experience

How Special the Human Body Is

You start with an escalator through the knee, then walk past all kinds of organs and see how incredible the human body is. ‘It would be great if everyone under the age of 12 had been to CORPUS once and learned that it is important to take good care of your body,’ explains Hanneke Hansen, Marketing & Sales Manager at CORPUS. An excellent offline and online experience is essential in this regard. CORPUS, therefore, uses various solutions from CM.com for online ticketing, information management before and after the visit, and the POS system at the counter. Jannes Aalders, Operations & Relations Manager: ‘We are busy setting up a second CORPUS in China. The building is already in place, and we still have to arrange everything operationally. CM.com can assist us as an international party with the same system at multiple locations.’

A Coherent Online and Offline Experience

For CORPUS, extending the offline experience on-site to the online realm is very important. Hanneke: ‘We currently do this with CM.com’s Mobile Marketing Cloud beforehand and afterward.’ Jannes adds: ‘We help visitors by providing good information. They know in advance how the time slots work and what is possible. We give tips on how to reach us by car or train, which is extremely useful information.’ CORPUS has also had a new website since the summer that much better mirrors the experience visitors will have on location. ‘That is very nice,’ says Hanneke. ‘The old website was static and is now much more dynamic. The good booking module, where visitors can book their own time slot, also contributes to a better experience.’ 

The teeth of CORPUS Experience

From Paperwork to Stress-Free Entry

In the 14 years that CORPUS has existed, ticketing has become an unwieldy and complicated system. Jannes: ‘To make everything work, creative ways and workarounds have been devised over time. So much paper has been printed to ensure a smooth flow of visitors. As a CSR organization, that is, of course, not what we want. This way of working also caused a lot of stress for desk employees and visitors.’ Jannes continues: ‘When we started working with CM.com, I realized that we were stuck in our own system. We have had several sessions to break free from our old patterns. It helped that CM.com acted as a partner in this, sharing expertise and helping us. Our streamlined processes now use paper only minimally and provide us with much more insight. Everything runs more smoothly, and the work at the counter is a lot less complicated.’ 

Seventy-Five Percent of Bookings Now Done Online

Hanneke and Jannes were both involved in the implementation of CM.com’s solutions. They are full of praise for the performance of Mobile Marketing Cloud, and thanks to the CM.com ticketing solution for museums, it is now fine if visitors arrive before or after their time slot. It is also much easier for people who walk in to get a place in one of the time slots. Hanneke: ‘The new system is working incredibly well. Currently, about 75% of tickets are booked online, which is something we never had in the past. In the past, booking by phone was much more common because ordering online was much more complicated. It’s also great that tickets can now be booked on the same day. On weekends up to 200 tickets are sometimes booked on the day itself. With this new system, we sell large numbers of tickets simultaneously, which is obviously fantastic. We can also clearly see when we can expect a peak and plan our staff better.’

Ticket Shop of CORPUS Experience

Positive Implementation

According to Hanneke, the positive experience with implementing Mobile Marketing Cloud was due to an extensive kick-off and subsequent weekly sessions in which objectives and prioritization were discussed. ‘We did it very slowly, step by step, each time repeating a bit from last time. We only proceeded with the next step if we had a good handle on the previous one.’ About the ticketing solution, Hanneke adds the following: ‘Every time I called my contact person, sometimes as many as 26 times a day, he was extremely accessible. Or he called back. The short lines of communication and personal attention are very nice and have provided peace of mind during the implementation.’

Dashboard Expansion and Even Less Paper

In addition to focusing more on the pre-arrival stage, with a greater range of experiences and videos, CORPUS wants to focus even more on improving ticketing in the coming period. Also, in combination with the cash register at the counter. Jannes: ‘It would be nice if we could dashboard even more and make adjustments directly in the system. We can already see in real-time how many visitors there are per time slot. Now we still make a printout at the cash register to quickly and easily see which visitors are coming per time slot. We make another printout if an additional booking is made in the day. It would be nice if this could be seen immediately and adjusted in the CMS.’ 

The ear in CORPUS Experience

Golden Opportunity

Jannes notes that CM.com has a golden opportunity with the combination with the cash register system, especially if ticketing, the CMS, and the cash register communicate well together. ‘There is still a challenge there, but CM.com is becoming more mature in combining different solutions.’ Meanwhile, CM.com developers are working on a significant release that will greatly improve capacity, scalability, and dashboarding. ‘I can’t wait,’ Hanneke concludes enthusiastically.

Improve Your Visitor Experience

Would you also like to improve your visitor experience by combining online and offline systems? Choose the all-in-one solutions from CM.com. Contact us now for tailor-made advice. 

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