How Vacansoleil Optimizes the Customer Journey

Creating the Ultimate Individualized Experience in Sales, Marketing, and Service.

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A Customer-Centric Vision Powered by Technology

Vacansoleil Camping Holidays, a leading name in luxury camping vacations across Europe, is continually working to make each customer's journey uniquely tailored. To achieve this, the customer is at the heart of the entire organization. They've recently merged marketing, sales, and customer service into a single commercial unit. This approach fosters seamless collaboration, resulting in a smooth-as-butter customer journey. The engagement platform by assists Vacansoleil in efficiently providing a personalized customer experience.

Something for Every Vacationer

No two customers are alike. While one might delight in a simple camping spot, another may lean toward a fully equipped safari tent. Some prefer booking well in advance, while others decide on a whim. Vacation companions and holiday periods also vary. Fortunately, Vacansoleil recognizes that they can offer everyone their dream vacation. Wherever and whenever customers interact with Vacansoleil, they're in for a supportive and delightful experience throughout the entire journey. This holds true for both incoming and outgoing communications. To pull this off, you either need an army of staff or you embrace automation. To assist customers more dynamically and promptly through their preferred channels, Vacansoleil teamed up with to automate two aspects: personalization and customer contact.

The Good Old Travel Agency Feeling

Remember the good old days? You'd stroll into a travel agency, describe your ideal vacation, and get personalized advice. Well, Vacansoleil aims for that same magic, but in the online realm. Thanks to AI-driven personalization, they're able to present the right offers in the right way to each customer. assists them in mapping individual needs and desires based on past interactions and behaviors. Subsequently, they automate their offerings to align with these insights, ensuring that every customer sees ideal campgrounds that match their preferences. Vacansoleil now provides a personalized experience throughout the entire journey, both on their website and through email correspondence.

"The AI personalization module has enabled us to offer customers a personalized journey that aligns with individual wishes and needs from our extensive range. With's engagement platform, we're able to craft the best individual omnichannel customer journey from both sales and service perspectives."

– Jacky Lambert, Commercial Director, Vacansoleil.

Unburdening at Every Stage of the Customer Journey

On their website, they've got an AI personalization module that tweaks the product list based on what you like. So, if you're all about nature, they'll show you campsites by a lake. If you're a young mom, get ready to see those awesome slides. And their emails? Totally personalized, featuring deals and recommendations based on what you love (past interactions, behavior, and vacation desires). With this personal touch, they're making sure your journey – from dreaming up ideas to booking and beyond – is as smooth as can be. So, you can get back to planning your next adventure!


Vacansoleil has taken relevancy to a new level, boosting interaction:

  • A 35% increase in click-through rate for emails during the discovery phase.

  • And 12% during the search phase.

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Say Hi to Eva, Your Virtual Travel Buddy

Remember that personalized service at travel agencies? Vacansoleil brings that to the digital world. If you've got questions at any stage of your journey, AI chatbot Eva is here to help. Instead of overwhelming you with options, Eva guides you to the right channel. Whether it's a question about accommodations or how to change bookings, Eva's there 24/7. Need more info? She'll point you in the right direction on their website. They've got your back from start to finish, whether you're looking for advice or ready to book.

“We carefully consider through which channels our customers like to communicate and how we can help them efficiently.”

– Eric Kluitenberg, Customer Service Manager, Vacansoleil.

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Streamlining for a More Personal Touch

Back in the day, Vacansoleil's customer service team had all sorts of tools – Excel, Outlook, phones, their own CRM – to juggle. Keeping track of conversations with customers who get in contact via different channels, and finding the right info wasn't easy. By connecting with our customer data, nowadays all important information can be found in one place in's engagement platform. Each conversation comes with customer info, like past bookings and chat history. So, every team member knows exactly who they're talking to and can give the best answers on the spot. The result? Faster replies and a more personal touch.

All customer communication, whether via email, phone, live chat, or the chatbot, arrives in one omnichannel inbox. The entire commercial team has access, eliminating the need for juggling multiple systems. This brings about:

  • Enhanced efficiency

  • More personalized service

  • Improved teamwork and internal communication

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Focusing on the Customer

Vacansoleil dedicates itself to making customers feel at ease and creating surprising moments throughout their entire journey.'s solutions aid in enhancing the customer experience and facilitating growth without requiring additional hires. The utilization of AI-driven personalization, the chatbot, and centralized customer service software means Vacansoleil can offer each customer a personalized journey without a legion of specialists. Now, the team has more time for their core focus: the customer.

Ready to Up Your Customer-Centric Game?

Are you swamped with customer questions and looking for a way to streamline your customer service? Or maybe you're eyeing a Vacansoleil-style personalized journey? We're here to help! Want to know more about the engagement platform? Reach out to us.

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