1. Introduction
    1. Service description
    2. Environments
  2. Getting started
    1. Authentication
    2. Upload document
    3. Create dossier
    4. Send invites
    5. Dossier download
  3. Events
    1. Event webhooks
    2. Subscribe to events
    3. Retrieve status callback
  4. Error handling
  5. Use cases
    1. Change language / locale
    2. Send invite using SMS
    3. Send invite using WhatsApp Business Platform
    4. Include invite in your own system
    5. Require identification
    6. Require payment
    7. Cancel a dossier
    8. Configure branding
    9. Configure invitee emails
    10. Create dossier based on a template
  6. Swagger API documentation

Cancel a dossier

When a dossier is created via the dashboard you can cancel it by deleting it. After deletion the dossier can no longer be viewed nor signed by any invitee.

To cancel a dossier via the API send a DELETE request to /dossiers/{dossierId}

The {dossierId} parameter is the dossier ID obtained after creating a dossier.


DELETE /dossiers/{dossierId}