Performing a Capture means actually obtaining the funds that were reserved during Authorization. Once the Capture process has started, it is no longer possible to Cancel the Charge; instead, a Refund must be performed.

Automatic or Manual Capture

A Capture can be performed automatically (optionally with a delay). It is also possible to wait until the Capture is manually triggered by your software using our API:

Which of these Capture modes is used can be configured on a per-Merchant basis. It is not possible to overwrite this on a per-Charge basis.

Overriding the Automatic Capture

Even if Automatic Capture is configured, until the configured delay has passed, the Capture API can always be used to override the Capture with a different amount or delay.

Full or (Single / Multiple) Partial Capture

When performing a Capture, either the full amount that was Authorized can be Captured, or only a part of it. If a Partial Capture is done, it can either be Single causing the remaining funds to be released, or Multiple meaning you intend to Capture the remaining funds lateron.

An automatic Capture will always be a Full Capture. To perform a Partial Capture, our Capture API must be used.