To get a Cardholder to pay the Merchant, you need to create a Charge using our "Create Charge" endpoint. This will initiate a new Charge that we will assess and Authorize for you.

If you want to know the status of a Charge, you can use the "Read Charge" endpoint. In the future, we will send notifications about each status update.

What happens after the Charge has created the authorized status depends on the Merchant configuration.

If the automaticCapture property is set to false, nothing will happen until you use the "Capture Charge" endpoint.

If automaticCapture is set to true we will wait for captureDelay before automatically doing a Capture. If captureDelay is 0 this means we will Capture immediately.

As long as we aren't yet Capturing the Charge, you can always use the "Capture Charge" endpoint to set or update the delay.