1. Introduction
    1. Service description
    2. Environments
  2. Getting started
    1. Authentication
    2. Upload document
    3. Create dossier
    4. Send invites
    5. Dossier download
  3. Events
    1. Event webhooks
    2. Subscribe to events
    3. Retrieve status callback
  4. Error handling
  5. Use cases
    1. Change language / locale
    2. Send invite using SMS
    3. Send invite using WhatsApp Business Platform
    4. Include invite in your own system
    5. Require identification
    6. Require payment
    7. Cancel a dossier
    8. Configure branding
    9. Configure invitee emails
    10. Create dossier based on a template
  6. Swagger API documentation

Require identification

Additional user identification can be added to the sign process. These extra steps first need to be completed before the user can sign the document. This extra information is included in the audit report. Please note that the identification methods first need to be configured for your account. Please contact your account manager if you want to use this feature.

Supported identification methods:

  • One Time Password (otp): A code is sent to the phone number of the invitee. They enter the verification code on the sign page and we know that user at that time owns the phone number. When using OTP, it's mandatory to provide a phone_number for the invitee.
  • IBAN verification (iban): The user makes a one cent payment via their bank using iDEAL. After payment we receive the IBAN of their bank account.
  • iDIN (idin): The user performs an online identification via their bank. The name and date of birth will be requested.

To add an identification for an invite set the following field on an invitee:

    "identificationMethods": [

identificationMethods: An array containing one or more identification methods.

Retrieve identification status

To retrieve the identification status the request below can be sent.


GET /dossiers/{dossierId}/invitees/{inviteeId}/identifications


        "identificationMethod": "idin",
        "status": "success",
        "result": {
            "transactionId": "123456789123456789",
            "issuerId": "ABNANL2A",
            "status": "success",
            "bin": "ABNANL2A3xOcyYKUhR8s0mS+tbkNO2xF2/U/Ns3eIyMOWYWmOZeUGw8StPKPhAdRTyN1XWne1rgJQA",
            "name": {
                "initials": "A",
                "firstName": "Andre",
                "lastName": "Dijk",
                "lastNamePrefix": "van"
            "age": {
                "dateOfBirth": "1974-01-31",
                "18yOrOlder": true

You usually don't have to retrieve the identification status, because a dossier can only be signed after the identification has been completed. When you received the dossier completed webhook or email, you know that the invitee has successfully identified themselves.