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2017 in review: innovations and highlights

At the end of the year, we look back on another beautiful year. A year full of great initiatives from our customers who use our products in their own way to reach their customers, involve employees or guarantee involvement, safety and convenience. CM also experienced a number of highlights that we would like to celebrate in this summary.

• Acquisition of Docdata Payments

In July 2017, CM acquired payment institution Docdata Payments from American owner Ingram Micro and thus entered the top five payment institutions in The Netherlands. CEO Jeroen van Glabbeek: "The acquisition of Docdata Payments adds a lot of value to CM Payments as a payment institution."- Read more about the acquisition >

• Online identification iDIN

This year, CM has implemented the login method iDIN in its platform. iDIN is an initiative of the Dutch banks and provides certainty about the identity of consumers. This method uses the trusted and secure login method of the bank. This gives companies substantial confidence about the identity of the online customer. As a result, new services can be offered online and identity fraud is prevented. - Read more about iDIN >

• CM is Digital Identity Service Provider

CM has also been named the first Dutch Digital Identity Service Provider (DISP) this year. That makes CM the only company that officially delivers iDIN to companies. In addition, as a DISP, CM offers multiple identification solutions with various levels of assurance.

• Preferred supplier Dutch government

CM is also the preferred supplier for the Dutch government for SMS, OTP and Text2Speech for the second time in a row by winning a tender. The government chose CM because of the high level of safety that is endorsed by the various ISO certifications.

• Texter

Texter is a testing tool for aggregators and mobile network operators to get detailed data about their SMS routes. This product was launched last year. One of the latest innovations for this product is the development of the online dashboard. Users can now send global tests in bulk through a user-friendly interface. Texter has a coverage of more than 4000 live test nodes worldwide.

• Ticketing

CM added a new product to the CM platform: Tickets. Event organizers can offer visitors professional ticketing and visitor registration. Set up your own ticket shop in 3 easy steps, completely in your own branding. Upload your list of invitees and send your tickets via SMS or e-mail. Scan your visitors' entrance tickets with our free scan app for real-time data. - Find out more here > 

• Plugins

This year, more options have been added for companies to integrate CM products into their own software or platform. On our plugins page you will find all the products you can now easily integrate. These integrations continuously expand.

• CM & Google

CM has joined Google's Early Access Program for RCS Business Messaging, an initiative that allows companies to send richer and more functional mobile messages to their customers. This new mobile channel promises to extend mobile messaging with popular chat features such as typing indication, delivery receipts and sending media files. – Learn more about the messaging service from Google > 


In November, UNICEF and CM have announced a long-term and strategic partnership. and UNICEF launched joint methods to promote awareness of children's rights and to make children around the world more resilient by promoting education and knowledge among children. UNICEF has also chosen CM for new mobile fundraising activities in South Africa. - Read the news article here > 

• SMS is 25 years old

On December 3, 1992, Neil Papworth marked the beginning of SMS with the very first mobile message 'Merry Christmas'. Now, 25 years later, SMS is still 'alive and kicking'. And how! For CM, it all started with the message: “Will you join me to Highstreet?” This was a great moment for us to look back at the history of CM and SMS. - More about the history and future of SMS >

• Awards

CM has won several awards again this year, including the FD Gazelle award and the Piet Heyn award for the best sales organization in the Netherlands. Through this way we would once again like to thank our employees for their dedication that has led to this beautiful recognition. Do you see new possibilities to contribute to the success of CM? Have a look at our Career page and submit your application >

• Sponsorship NAC

CM also extended its official sponsorship of NAC Breda in 2017. This means that in 2017/2018, the CM will also be shown on the shirts of the players and on the boards along the field. The football club from Breda has been playing in the Dutch League since this year. Something that we, as official sponsor, are very proud of. 

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