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6 steps in optimising your SMS marketing campaigns

If SMS campaigns are part of your marketing strategy, you know that there are countless ways to optimise this small bit of text for great results. Here, you’ll find six simple tips with which you can create the greatest SMS marketing campaign.

1. Personalise your SMS marketing campaigns

You’re sending out SMS marketing campaigns to your loyal customers? If you send out bulk messages, the trick is to make sure the receiver doesn’t notice he is just one of many. The more personal the message seems, the more likely it is that the receiver will open the message and respond to your call to action. For starters, personalised messages mention the name of the receiver. But the more data you have on your user, like favourite products, date of birth or last visit, the more personal your message will be.

2.Make your SMS marketing campaigns highly relevant

Not just personalisation, but relevance also plays an important role in the conversion rates of your promotional messages. This means, you should not just make sure the campaign addresses your customers on an individual level, but it should also address a specific need of the receiver. Why does he receive this message? Why should he click on a hyperlink? This means the message should meet the need of the consumer at his time of need. To determine this time, you can check consumer data but you can also use a general content planning with relevant hooks such as holidays, shopping trends or events.

3.Choose the best time to send your campaign

Determining the right time to send your SMS marketing campaigns, is more than just determining when your campaign will be relevant. You also have to consider what time your message is most likely to be seen by the receiver. This means, are most messages read in the morning or evening? And is the conversion rate higher on weekdays than on the weekend? By testing this and analysing your data, you will find the perfect time for your specific audiences.

4.Watch and learn: use insights from your data

Checking your data will bring you more insights than just to determine the perfect time to send your messages. If you choose the right SMS marketing software, you can easily visualise your campaigns’ statistics. This data, you can use to determine the success of your campaign in order for you to optimise your campaigns for the best results. Look into your delivery rates, conversion rates, recipients details and technical insights to create the most successful campaigns.

5.Make your marketing campaign stand out

So, you’re sending out your SMS marketing campaigns to the right people, at the right time and with the right message? Great! But there’s more to creating the best marketing campaigns. Your campaign needs to be attractive. What does this mean? This means your campaign should be well written, concrete, have the right tone of voice and be easy to comprehend. These elements are not solely linguistic. By understanding the way your message is shown on the phone of your receiver, you can improve readability and this attractiveness. For example, have you seen the new iOS 10 functionality?

6.Don’t just send: interact!

And then your analytics- and writing skills have created an outstanding SMS marketing campaign. Now, your receiver can choose to do two things after reading your carefully drafted message: ignore the message or answer your call to action. Usually, this means clicking the hyperlink in the message. But why should the conversation end there? If you use the right marketing software, you can easily enable replies via SMS or Push messaging. This way, your receiver can respond to your message and you can have a conversation just like you would in a real discussion. Perfect for asking for more information, claiming discounts or surveys.

By taking these 6 simple steps, you can quickly create a highly successful SMS marketing campaign. Want to try the possibilities of marketing campaigns yourself? Click here to test it or contact us. We are happy to tell you more.


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