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A full stadium: secondary ticketing is the solution

Those who visit a festival regularly, are familiar with the online platforms on which you can buy and sell second-hand tickets. For consumers an easy way to sell a ticket or to take over a ticket - even just before the event takes place - from someone else. This resale phenomenon is called secondary ticketing, and has entered the sports market.

NAC Breda, football club in the Dutch Eredivisie, started secondary ticketing this spring. Season ticket holders can sell their stadium seats to someone else in a secure digital environment for an individual match. This is done via's secondary ticketing technology. The new service offered by NAC Breda is part of further developments of their new access system and the more modern sports experience for their supporters and sponsors.

In co-creation, NAC Breda and are constantly looking at how the mobile communication, ticketing, mobile payment and data applications of the platform can be used as optimally as possible in the football and sports market. Secondary ticketing - in addition to the existing ticketing system - fits perfectly with the course of as a total supplier for large sports organizations. This article explains why has developed secondary ticketing as a white-labeled solution for sports organizations and what benefits it offers supporters and clubs.

How secondary ticketing works

When consumers are unable to attend an event, they can put their entrance tickets for sale on an online sales platform. That is even possible just before or even during an event. When a ticket is sold, the unique registration code of the ticket sold is replaced by a new code. The original code on the ticket is blocked. The buyer then receives the e-ticket with the new code in his mailbox. The seller receives the ticket money from the sales platform. Even personalized tickets - such as tickets with a name on them - can be resold this way.

The challenge of season tickets

Ticket resale is less common at sports organizations. The main reason is that many sports clubs work with club and season tickets. These cards offer a longer period of access to a stadium. Season ticket holders often only have the option to physically lend their card, for free or for a fee. Moreover, a season ticket often functions as the entrance ticket to the stadium and as a wallet within the stadium walls. When ordering food and drinks, the amount is settled with the card in the central payment system. This also has consequences for the safe lending of a season ticket. Without the possibility of secondary ticketing, the season ticket holder will look for a replacement "supporter" in a relatively small trusted circle of people.

Ticket sales in the sports industry

Also season ticket holders do not have the option to put a single match ticket for sale at regular online ticket market places. By integrating secondary ticketing technology at sports clubs, ticket resale of a home game for season ticket holders is now possible.

Ticket buyers can select an offered stadium seat on the map of the stadium. When buying a stadium seat, the ticket buyer receives a unique e-ticket for attending the match. The seller receives a portion of the resale price, and the season ticket is blocked for that home match. Thanks to the secondary ticketing system, more sports fans can enjoy attending a home match. Moreover, it is lucrative for the selling supporter to receive a compensation for a stadium seat that would otherwise remain unoccupied during that match.

Secondary ticketing for all sports organizations

Reselling stadium tickets has become an accessible solution for more sports organizations. has developed a secondary ticketing solution in co-creation with NAC Breda. With this technology, sports organizations can offer a secure ticket resale solution to their season ticket holders via their own applications. offers it as a white-label product and is therefore available for integration by every professional sports club.

The benefits of a full stadium

Filling a stadium to the brim is fantastic, but more important is that the ticket buyers show up. A full stadium for a football club is just as important as a full site for a festival organizer. In the first place, more occupied stadium places means a higher turnover in beverages, catering, parking and merchandise. For a sports organization, revenue is therefore an important factor to attract as many people as possible for every match. Also sentiment plays a role. In the end, a full stadium has the best atmosphere!

Also a fully packed stadium in every match?

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Also a fully packed stadium in every match?

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