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Beeple and simplify staff management via sms

Beeple and recently signed a collaboration in which supports Beeple to further simplify staff management, using smartphones and SMS.

Disruption in the HR market

Beeple is already known as a simple and efficient tool for managing temporary employees with flexible hours, wages and contracts. Through the Beeple tool, large, but also medium and small companies can easily select, plan and pay for their employees.

Quickly and easily send updates via SMS

By collaborating with and connecting via CM’s SMS API, Beeple customers can quickly inform large numbers of pre-selected employees in Beeple’s database of new jobs, events or other matters. The advantage of SMS communication is that Beeple customers no longer have to call employees manually, generally a time-consuming task.

Employees also benefit

Via the SMS Gateway API of and the Beeple tool, Beeple customers now quickly and easily send new jobs to employees, updates about facilities or other matters that need to be communicated. This facilitates staff management not only for Beeple customers, but also for the flexible employees themselves. Based on the self-completed profile at Beeple, they receive updates on working hours, work locations as quickly as possible.

Karel Rabaut, founder of Beeple: The SMS API from makes our tool even more powerful. Direct communication is very important to us. Now, for example, our customers can quickly and easily pass on important updates during an event. This way, Beeple customers can save a lot of time and effort on, for example, telephone calls.”

“We know as a reliable player,” continues Karel Rabaut. “ and Beeple also have the same core values: the customer is our main focus, they have a passion for their work, and within the team spirit there is a healthy urge for innovation and entrepreneurship.”

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