Case Study: Positive effects of sms notifications in Healthcare

The no-show phenomenon in healthcare is on its way back because of sms text message reminders. This not only improves efficiency and saves money, but also involves a patient, who sees the notification system as a user-friendly service.

CM Cerner Flevoziekenhuis

The Flevo Hospital in the Dutch city of Almere saw rising demands for sms text message notifications to remind patients of appointments. No-shows were high in the hospital and patients increasingly asked to be warned for their appointments some days before it was due.

Lagging behind

“Dentists, estate agents and hairdressers were using it and it was strange we were lagging behind”, says Annemei Pattje, teamlead patient contact at Flevo Hospital. “As a hospital, we think it’s a pity that we haven’t done everything in our power to ensure that patient get on their appointments on time.”

Learn how CM Telecom and CERNER setup appointment sms reminders to reduce no-shows at Flevo Hospital:

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