Catching Mobile Conventions London in quotes

It’s impossible to catch a full day of Mobile Convention London in just a few quotes from the speakers who attended MCL. But here’s a recap of some of them that stood out and we don’t want you to miss.

Catching Mobile Convention London in quotes


  • “If you focus on people’s attention, anything will sell.”
  • “Germans give up privacy for shopping experience for some cents. Privacy is already a luxury item.”
  • “Only rich people today ride horses. It’s the same with cars: In the future cars will be driven by rich people. Other people just drive computers.”

Jeremy Abbett, Google


  • “Value in the mobile Ecosystem is generated when the need for trust is eliminated.”
  • “The technology industry is too often violating trust. Uber gives some type of control that proves a security relationship. Uber eliminates the need for trust.”

Kimo Quaintance, cyberlecturer


  • “Focus on technology. The focus should be on what we do. Not what we do it with.”
  • “Have a pipeline of new tech and keep it running, enable people to constantly experiment, do not do it arbitrary.”
  • “90% of anything is crap. Not controversial. Majority sinks to the bottom. If you do it, do it well.”
  • “Failing in startups is not really failing. You’ve probably learned something from it.”

Andy Hood, AKQA


  • “What do Uber facebook, Alibaba and Airbnb have in common? Zero. Zero real estate, zero taxi’s, zero stock and zero content creators. But they’re all worth billions.”

David Skerrett, Nimbletank


  • “Are people going to be dumber in a 100 years time? Think of technology as assistive and enabling, not replacing.”
  • “Observe how people use our products. That will make some awesome shit.”
  • “Stop competing and demanding: 60% of the apps are used only once after which they’re deleted.”

Louise Heinrich, SuperHuman


  • “Starbucks gives me value through notifications on my screen, their competitors don’t. The quality of Starbucks is probably not that good, but their loyalty is better.”
  • “We pushed people to pay with Hailo while they were in a Hailo cab. That was too aggressive. People thought it was awkward.”
  • “Understanding local culture, langue and sentiment helps driving engagement.”

Mike Masuku, Hailo.

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