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business SMS
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5 ways to improve your SMS campaigns

In spite of technological developments in mobile communications over the years, SMS remains a key player in communication. This might be because of the higher delivery rates of SMS compared to alternatives like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Push messaging. But the user friendliness of SMS and the limited data your target audience needs to disclose for you to reach them, further add to the benefits of SMS. A couple of new developments make SMS campaigns even more valuable now.

Backpack traveller customer journey
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How can you optimise the traveller’s customer journey?

With the many booking and comparison websites available, consumers can now book the holiday of their dreams. They don’t promise unconditional loyalty to a travel agency, but choose the best holiday for the lowest price. However, with a clearer insight into the traveller’s customer journey, travel agencies have many more options other than price to distinguish themselves from competitors.

International SMS
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Sending international SMS: country-specific rules, regulations and habits

SMS is an easy and effective way to instantly reach people all over the world. But with this wide range of countries you can reach, comes a wide range of differences in national habits, restrictions and options. To effectively support our customers, CM has international offices all over the world with colleagues that can help you understand what to do and what not to do if you want to target consumers in their region. Here is their advice.

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