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Checklist customer care: Are you up to date?

Customer care has changed drastically over the last years. Where customers could traditionally reach customer care departments by calling them, the use of online platforms for customer contact is increasing rapidly. With customer care no longer limited to the call center, it's a challenge for companies to be present on all available platforms. Not to mention to adapt your services to the platform used. Use this checklist to make sure you are fully prepared for online customer care.

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How to use Facebook’s Messaging App and Skyrocket your Sales

One of the many challenges of web shops is to make sure customers can follow the steps in the purchase process as easily as possible. Still, consumers will still often have questions about products or payments. And of course, you are more than welcome to answer these questions over phone or e-mail. But with Facebook appcare, there is a faster, more user friendly and accessible way to be there for your customer.

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Smart, smarter, smartest: discover the intelligence of chatbots

Artificial Intelligence and chatbots are reinventing customer contact. New developments are presented constantly, so keeping up to speed with the latest possibilities can be time consuming. Of course, we make sure we don’t miss out on the trends. And GIN would not be GIN, if we wouldn’t share these insights with you. For example, our insights from a Chatbot Meetup we attended recently.

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GIN: a familiar face with a new look

With the explosive growth in number of communication tools, it’s becoming harder for companies to be reachable on each of them. Until now. A startup named GIN has made it possible to communicate with customers on several messenger apps via one dashboard. Even though GIN will have it's official release at Mobile World Congress '17, it has years of experience with messaging and customer contact. That’s because GIN is part of the in 1999 founded CM Telecom. Meet GIN: CM’s new customer contact tool.

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Lift your customer care to a higher level

Nowadays, you can no longer get away with a customer care team that is only available during office hours. Let alone one that is only available via telephone. Customers expect companies to be involved and easy to reach. At the same time, the number of communication platforms customers use to reach companies, is increasing rapidly. Automation, Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence are said to be the answer. But what is really needed to offer your customer the service he requires?

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A new but lasting role for chatbots in customer care

More and more companies are implementing chatbots in customer care. This type of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will come to play an even bigger role in 2017. But even though they cannot (yet) replace human contact, chatbots have evolved to a level where we can no longer ignore them. As arguments from the past no longer apply, now is the time to embrace bots in customer care.