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Identity innovation for the future
in: Retail & Security

Identity innovation for the future: will privacy beat service in 2018?

Online identification technology has drastically improved this year and will become even more important in the future. The main reason for online identification’s importance is not (only) reducing the growing threat of cybercrime. Identification also plays a key role in the customer experience. But, how do you collect the information you need whilst providing them with both the service and privacy they expect in 2018?

Authenticator OTP login
in: Security & Blog

What is an OTP?

OTP​ is a string of characters or numbers automatically generated to be used for one single login attempt. OTP, One Time Passwords in full, can be sent to the user’s phone via SMS or Push messaging and is used to protect web-based services, private credentials and data. OTP’s will minimize the risk of fraudulent login attempts and thus the risk of stolen data. OTP’s come in all shapes and sizes, but always add an extra layer of authentication. Which type of OTP best suits you?

Number verification
in: Banking and Finance & Security

Banks prevent card cloning fraud with number verification

The number of financial fraud cases continues to grow, as well as the number of regulations financial institutions and payments providers must abide by. Fraud prevention and data protection might therefore seem a great challenge. Now, Number Verifier based on HLR is here to make the fight against card cloning fraud and data theft easy as can be.

MICODE Authenticator
in: Security

YouTube star MICODE talks 2FA with CM Authenticator

French YouTube star Michaël, alias MICODE, is a rising vlogger in France and an expert when it comes to hacking prevention and internet security. In the latest video on his YouTube channel, he talks about two-factor authentication and its value when securing online accounts.

What is eIDAS?
in: Security

eIDAS, what does it mean?

To improve the trust in online identification, authentication and signatures, the European Union introduces the Electronic Identity and Assurance Services regulation (eIDAS).

MoCoMoments at Brussels
in: Security

How to take back your (company’s) privacy

Do you Google yourself often? It might be surprising how much information you find about yourself. There’s however probably more personal information available without you knowing it. And even worse: it’s being sold to third-parties.