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SIP Trunk Voice Management App
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Save costs on your SIP Trunk connection in 1 easy step

Do you want to pay for something you don’t use? We don't think so. The SIP Trunk of CM does exactly what it is meant to do: flawless communication via VOIP, managed and configured from one user-friendly app. This way, you can save money by only using what you actually need. Both in terms of functionality and usage.

VoIP and SIP Trunk phone calls
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Business telephony and VoIP: how much can you save on calling costs?

Each new year, we are comparing suppliers to reduce our health and energy costs. But why stop there, when there are greater savings to be made? Call centres, call centre software suppliers, CATI research companies and other companies calling via a SIP supplier can easily save 30 to 50% by switching to a transparent supplier.