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Celebrating the 25th birthday of SMS

On December 3rd, Neil Papworth marked the beginning of SMS with the very first mobile message, saying “Merry Christmas”. Now, 25 years later, SMS is still ‘alive and kicking’. And how! For CM, it all started with the message: “Will you join me to Highstreet?

Gilbert Gooijers sent this message to Jeroen van Glabbeek. Together, they founded Club Message. In 1999, they introduced Group SMS. With this service, visitors of clubs in the Benelux were informed of DJ’s, time tables, discounts and more.

Club Message

Through the use of Club Message’s SMS, clubs saw the number of visitors grow. That led to an interest in Group SMS by other companies. More and more companies started sending SMS messages via Club Message. In 2002, Club Message also introduced MailSMS, which enabled companies to send great numbers of SMS messages via email. 

The building where Jeroen and Gilbert first started Club Message, soon became too small. So they moved to a bigger venue CM. Shortly after the change in address, Club Message was given a new name which better suits its customer base, which includes large corporates, schools and governments. Thus a new name was born: CM. 


Next to the growing number of employees, CM kept expanding by acquiring other companies such as Global Messaging, S2M and TicketFlow. This Now, 18 years after CM was founded, billions of messages have been sent and this number continues to grow each day. ‘

Now, we’re in the middle of a technological tidal wave. Mobile becomes more important in the communication between consumer and company. Successful companies know that they have to be present in each step of the customer journey via all mobile touchpoints.

The future

New possibilities to reach consumers via the mobile phone keep appearing. SMS remains the stable and reliable factor, but mobile payments, online identification, chat apps, WhatsApp and Google’s RCS Messaging will also determine the future of mobile communication. To make sure all companies can be reached seamlessly via all mobile touchpoints in the customer journey, CM integrates all these mobile communication tools in its platform. 

Want to know more about the platform and the developments regarding RCS and WhatsApp messaging? Keep an eye on our blog page or read more right now

Something big is happening. The world keep becoming more direct, faster and safer. And we’re going to cause all these changes. Want to be part of it? Check out our job openings and apply now. 

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