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Identity and Intesi Group support Adobe Sign in integrating iDIN identification solution, specialist in Conversational Commerce, collaborates with Intesi Group, provider of Qualified Trust Services and data security products. With this cooperation both parties support Adobe’s vision of an open standard for digital signatures in the cloud being adopted worldwide by increasing digital signing with Adobe Sign in The Netherlands.

Identification via bank details

With eight billion e-signature transactions in 2019, Adobe is the world's leading provider of secure digital document solutions and electronic signatures. Intesi Group is a partner and approved eSignature Provider of Adobe and a founding member of the Cloud Signature Consortium. Its own Cloud Remote eSignature service is natively integrated in Adobe Sign for enabling users to sign any document with an eIDAS (electronic identification authentication and trust services) compliant Advanced and Qualified Electronic Signature.

The validation of the signer’s identity is a key part of the signing process. Leveraging existing eID’s (electronic identifications) coming from the banking sector and national or corporate Identity Providers means to gain access to already validated identities. These identities can be used in the signing process, prior to signer authentication. Thanks to the partnership with, Intesi Group and Adobe are now able to offer iDIN-based authentication within Adobe Sign.

iDIN on the rise

The iDIN identification solution contributes to the digital transformation of organizations and can already be used on more than one hundred websites. Identification via iDIN makes it possible for customers to log in securely, to identify themselves or to confirm their age using their bank login details. offers iDIN as one of their products and supports organizations in integrating iDIN into their systems.

"In the Netherlands, iDIN is the most suitable identification method because of its ease of use and availability. By using's iDIN, we allow any Dutch citizen, who holds iDIN credentials, to digitally sign any document with Adobe Sign, without any prior identification of the signer. This makes the signing experience smoother and faster, keeping a high level of assurance in compliancy with the eIDAS regulation”.

Paolo Sironi, Chairman and CEO at Intesi Group

About is a Conversational Commerce platform that connects businesses and brands to the mobile phones of billions of consumers worldwide. The company offers Messaging channels such as SMS, RCS, WhatsApp and Apple Business Chat combined with a Customer Data platform and other platform functionalities. is the world's first CPaaS platform with integrated payment functionality. Nearly ten thousand customers rely on's products for better marketing, better sales and better service to their customers.

About Intesi Group

Intesi Group is a private Italian company, born in 1998. With a 2019 turnover above 13 million euros and significant investments in research and development, Intesi Group is the ideal partner for a Trust Digital Transformation. Intesi Group is a Qualified Trust Service Provider authorized to provide trust services. Digital Signature, Authentication and Encryption are the three pillars of Intesi Group's offer. The company also offers System Integration capabilities and E2E IT projects delivery.

Also interested in identification for Dutch users?

Discover iDIN

Also interested in identification for Dutch users?

Discover iDIN
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