CM and Nimbletank bring tech community MoCo Moments to Dubai

Dubai and the Middle East is a fast growing innovative and culturally diverse region. The area is pioneering in smart cities, driverless transport and Internet of Things (IoT). Therefore, Nimbletank and CM are bringing technology community MoCo Moments to Dubai. The meetup is scheduled for October 10th 2017.

Skyline Dubai

For the first time, MoCo Moments will be jointly organised by CM, founder of MoCo, and Nimbletank. Nimbletank are the Drum Network’s Mobile Agency of the Year 2016. They are a full service digital and mobile agency creating mobile first innovation for brands such as ASOS, BBC and Santander. David Skerrett is the Managing Partner with Nimbletank. 

'Strong track record'

David on why he chose Dubai for the MoCo event: “We have had a strong track record working in the region and can really feel their hunger and passion for technology, particularly in mobile. The region’s investment in people and in creating brand differentiating experiences across physical spaces, digital, mobile and data is world-leading. A great example of that is our transformative work with VOX Cinemas in the region. It is rare to meet such intelligent and brave marketers so focused on innovating customer experience.” 

Create memorable conversations

Previous MoCo meetups were held in Paris, Brussels, London, Cape Town and Amsterdam. MoCo is a CM initiative that uses the power of connection to bring passionate and innovative people together, both online and offline. MoCo collaborates with partners from all over the world to create memorable and inspiring conversations that drive business forward in mobile and tech.

With MoCo Dubai, Nimbletank aims to help shape and improve innovation in mobile with people around the world. David Skerrett says: “MoCo is the perfect collaboration for us. There are not enough great mobile-focused events that bring people into the conversation in a collaborative way and elevate the channel in Dubai & the UAE – we want to change that.” 

A fun way to build mobile knowledge

MoCo is a fun way for people to build mobile knowledge through education, workshops and collaboration, David Skerrett states. “The format is vibrant and new – they don’t let vendors deliver one way sales pitches. It makes for a valuable half day out of the office for attendees, letting them build their mobile knowledge and make a difference to both their careers and to consumer’s lives. I hope and expect the event to be very successful with people having fun and learning more about mobile transformation, the value of enterprise solutions and customer experience. We’ve a great venue and format that we are excited to share with brands in the Middle East.” 

MoCo Dubai

The event is taking place on October 10th 2017 at the Hilton Bice Sky Bar. Details on the inspirational speakers for MoCo Dubai will follow shortly! Events

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