CM collaborates in unique Valentine's Day surprise Heineken

Brewer Heineken decided to help men this year’s Valentine's Day and came up with an original surprise. What followed was a fun event with a small plane, an impressive message of love and SMS.

CM collaborates in unique Valentine's Day surprise Heineken

Heineken gave men from Amsterdam the opportunity to surprise their loved one with a matchless love message. In the days before Valentine's Day, several men were approach through social media and posters in public places such as cafes. They were asked if they were willing to surprise their loved ones in a special way. Even bloggers were activated, which pushed the action.


For this campaign, Heineken worked with advertising agency TWBA\Neboko, production and unbranded, and mobile service provider CM, which ensured that the text messages arrived at that crucial time.

The men who signed up for the stunt, had to give Heineken their time and location for when and where the surprise should occur. And Heineken did the rest.

'This is for you, baby'

Men who had registered were just ahead of an SMS message from the brewer that a plane would fly over with the message ‘This is for you, baby’ on the towed banner behind the plane. The result: Women having the Valentine's Day of their lives. And the men have another year to think about a new original Valentine’s Day surprise.  


About CM:

Companies are always looking for the best way to reach their consumers and the rise of mobile technology offers them new opportunities to achieve this goal.

Founded in 1999, CM helps companies to interact with their customers through a multi-use mobile platform for SMS, Email and Appcare.

In addition to various messaging services, the platform also provides solutions for calling through SIP trunking, payment options for companies like Autocollect and online identification solutions such as two-factor authentication(2FA).

We offer a hybrid solution for companies to reach their target audience, anytime and anywhere.

How did heineken do it?

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