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CM first European company to enable fast and cost-efficient sms communications with China

CM is the first European company to deal successfully with the Chinese firewall. It has therefore opened an office in Shenzhen and installed servers in Shanghai and Hong Kong which allows sending mobile messages in and out of China.

Own infrastructure

CM's own infrastructure enables western companies to reach their Chinese customers via SMS through the server of CM Telecom in Shanghai whilst enables Chinese companies to address their large domestic and international SMS via CM Telecoms local platform. 

The issues other messaging companies face – like high rates of undelivered messages and high latency due to the Chinese Internet firewall - are solved by CM's own network deployed in China. With the entity and bank account established in China, it opens a global SMS reach for the Chinese companies with a local payment in local currency, which also differentiates CM from other global players when it comes to tight forex control in China. 

More cost-efficient

"We have our own server in Shanghai communicating with our server in Hong Kong," says CEO of CM Jeroen van Glabbeek. “By doing so, CM is the first European company to enable fast and very cost-efficient sms communications with China.” Sending messages through CM's platform for Chinese enterprises to the rest of world, and for other enterprises sending into China is therefore more efficient and cost effective. That means, you will get a much cost per conversion by using CM. 

Separated servers

As the risk of breaches is a global issue, Mr. van Glabbeek pinpoints that the various branches of CM are housed in different companies. CM Payments, with which the company arranges payments between businesses, and CM Telecom, are thus also server-technically separated. "All this is also necessary because of the regulations”, Mr. Van Glabbeek explains. “The retention period for data on payments and text messages is entirely different. Legislation sometimes is conflicting."

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