CM introduces WhatsApp for companies

Mobile service provider CM brings chatapps such as WhatsApp messaging to companies. This consumer chat service lets companies interact and engage with customers via WhatsApp.

CM introduces Whatsapp for companies

Currently, we are developing an application for desktop or laptop, which our customers can use to send WhatsApp notifications to their target groups and individual end users. The application allows them to send their updates, faster and more conveniently.

No official API for WhatsApp

Developing this WhatsApp application for companies requires more effort since WhatsApp has not published an official API for developers yet. Furthermore WhatsApp does not support third parties to connect to their services and in some cases forbid and blocks other uses from their application. Therefore, we offer the Corporate WhatsApp service with an SMS backup variant so that communications between companies and their users are granted.

CEO of CM, Jeroen van Glabbeek on the WhatsApp development: “We’ve thought about developing this for a long time, because we get so many questions regarding this topic. Despite WhatsApp not supporting this, or maybe even blocking it, we decided to introduce this application. We could no longer ignore all the questions and the demand for this application."

WHATSAPP UPDATE: WhatsApp has introduced an official business application for WhatsApp. Because of WhatsApp's value for companies, we've pioneered with our in-house developed WhatsApp connection. Read more about WhatsApp Business > 

About CM

CM is reinventing customer and client engagement through mobile messaging, payments and hosting services. CM’s gateway allows customers to build client interaction and engagement by various means including Push Messages, SMS, Voice (IVR) and mobile payments. CM’s services are setup and ready-to-use in minutes to serve your content strategies over reliable and direct connections worldwide. Founded in 1999, CM offers expertise in mobile solutions, international text messaging with global coverage (40+ countries), Web API, Bulk SMS, Premium SMS, Push Messages and more. 


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