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We would like to inform you on several service interruptions that have happened during this week. As of Monday September 28th we are experiencing hardware problems with our firewall.

Involuntary system restarts disrupted connections for 6 short periods of about one minute. After several remediation attempts, today (September 30th) at 11.57 AM the entire Breda-leg of the platform (Platform 1) became unreachable as the firewall failed to start after another hiccup. 
Service updates will be posted in our service feed: /about-cm/contact/#topic-support


30 September 2015 at 3.45 PM – All traffic back to normal
Problems with connections to CM Platform 1 and any delivery delays have been resolved. Hardware has been replaced and is running steadily now, all operator connections have been re-established. We continue to closely monitor the appliances and connections. Final update will be given tomorrow (October 1st) around 12:00 PM.
30 September 2015 at 12.39 PM – Firewall replaced, full network available again
The malfunctioning firewall has been replaced, and the full platform is available again. We are currently reconnecting all the services. There are still some problems to re-establish the VPN connections to the French operators. They are available through Platform 2. 

Frequently asked Questions

Is CM under a Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack?
No. Experts have analyzed the connection logging and ruled out this option. Disruptions are attributable to hardware issues within the firewall.
Has security been compromised?
No. No request has been able to bypass the firewall or intrusion prevention systems (IPS).
Why is there no backup firewall available?
The platforms have an automatic failover to the secondary firewall, this takes approximately 30 seconds. To benefit from CM's  fully redundant platform we advise customers connect to Platform 2 via
Updated on: 30/09/2015

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