CM Telecom co-founder new MEF program to tackle fraud in messaging

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MEF Framework

As a major messaging, payments and mobile engagement company CM Telecom have worked with the Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF) on co-founding and forming ‘The A2P Messaging Fraud Framework’. This framework sets out guidelines in how to prevent and fight fraud in the A2P messaging industry.

The framework includes visual examples of each of the 11 types of fraud identified as well as a comprehensive glossary. It forms the basis from which the other scheduled deliverables of the Fraud Management work stream will be developed including Industry and Buyers’ Guides. CM Telecom furthermore adjusts its services and products in order to support and achieve the frameworks goals. In doing so CM Telecom participate in a team to fight fraud and build a strong future in messaging by working close with mobile network operators. 


Twenty-five companies have developed the framework as part of a two-year programme launched in 2015 to create awareness and develop best practices in mobile messaging that accelerate market clean-up and advance innovation to support sustainable growth across the ecosystem.

Complex and often not well understood

The fraud types identified by the group include SMS Phishing, Hacking and Faking as well as Grey Routes and SIM Farms, are complex and often not well understood by those affected. The Fraud Framework is available to download now and is a living document mapping technology fraud in the sector. It defines the causes, impacts affected parties of each of the 11 fraud types and will form the basis of future best practice guidelines to be rolled out during the programme.

Affects everyone

Fraud in the messaging industry affects everyone: from consumers to operators and aggregators. Therefore, it’s in everyone’s interest to organise a market clean-up and actively fight companies and persons committing fraud in the market.

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