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WhatsApp calls on companies to switch to official WhatsApp Business solution

Many organizations have discovered the benefits of WhatsApp for customer interaction. However, in spite of the launch of the official WhatsApp Business solution, a number of companies aren’t using WhatsApp in accordance with WhatsApp’s Terms & Conditions. As official WhatsApp Business supplier, we want to draw attention to the fact that WhatsApp will soon pull the plug on this unofficial use of their messaging channel.

Move to the legal version before December 7

WhatsApp has recently set the deadline to terminate unauthorized use on December 7th. Any company using the small business app of WhatsApp for marketing purposes after December 7th – for example for bulk messaging or automated messaging - may henceforth expect legal actions from WhatsApp. However, if a legal account is enabled before that time, companies can continue the conversation over WhatsApp.

Get access to WhatsApp within 5 days

Being an authorized distributor of the WhatsApp Business solution since April 2019, our platform for Conversational Commerce helps both small and large enterprises to reach their customers via their preferred messaging channel. For many customers, this channel of choice is WhatsApp. In most cases, you can have your WhatsApp Business account operational within five working days.

Time for action

Now is the time for action. Organizations can expect WhatsApp to impose sanctions from December 7th, if they fail to comply with WhatsApp's terms of service. Companies can prevent this and contact to submit a WhatsApp Business API application.

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More about WhatsApp Business

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