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Corona Crisis Communication | Why inform on Corona-measures via SMS

With the COVID-19 (corona) virus spreading quickly, companies are taking precautionary measures to limit the risk of further contamination. As you probably recognize from your own company, CM employees are actively seeking information on what (not) to do. To make sure we reach all our employees – in our HQ, abroad and working remote – we’ve turned to the most reliable channel to date for crisis communication: SMS with Mobile Landing Pages. Here’s why!

No Corona update goes unnoticed

“We’ve got almost 350 employees working from all parts of the world, asking our HR department what (not) to do”, says Marijn Helmons, HR Manager at “In other words, proactively informing our employees on safety precautions and procedural changes is key if we want to maintain a calm workspace. Because of its high open rates, we’ve therefore turned to SMS.”

“This proven and reliable messaging channel has the highest open rates in the shortest time after sending. Significantly higher compared to email. And by adding mobile landing pages, we’re not limited to 160-characters.” Of the messages that were delivered to targeted personnel, 82% visited the landing-page within a day. 58% percent even converted within one hour after receiving the SMS. “This is valuable when we want to inform people on changes with immediate effect, such as changes in the lunch shifts and locations”, Marijn explains. This way, we are also able to reduce the load on the HR department to answer questions for each employee individually.

Moreover, landing pages allow us to add rich media, to help us inform our staff efficiently. HR- and Risk staff of companies around the world are probably swamped with work due to the Coronavirus. Fortunately, with SMS Campaigns, we make their lives a lot easier. Just add your contacts, create a landing page with your company’s specific updates and add them to your SMS campaign.

How to: Send notifications using Templates

Sending SMS messages to your employees, customers, partners, suppliers or clients is easy. To send SMS campaigns, all you need is an excel file with the mobile phone numbers of your target audience, and about 5 minutes of your time. The fastest way to inform your target audience on new Corona-updates, is by working from a template. You can easily create a template within our SMS Campaigns tool.

corona lpAnother way to benefit from mobile landing pages besides sending information, is to gather information from your employees. With most of your team working remote, it can be hard to keep an eye on how everybody's doing. Are they working in the office or from home? Are they showing any symptoms or are they feeling well? By adding a drop-down menu in your mobile landing page, you can - for example each morning - gather the latest status from your team and find out if they need any help from your HR department.

covid-19 daily update sms mobile pageHow does it work?

First, add your mobile numbers in the Address Book, creating a contact group we could name – for example – ‘Corona update internal’. These are all of the people you would like to send your notification to. Please note that, when contacting an external target audience, you will need an opt-in for SMS messages. 

Then, build a mobile landing page with detailed information and latest updates. Because you can reuse this URL, simply updating the text on that mobile landing page gets the job done. And because of the drag-and-drop interface, and the features helping you build a landing page in your own branding, using images and video, you don’t need more than a few minutes to set this up.

Read more about Pages >

SMS coronaFinally, create an SMS campaign, preferably creating a template which can be used multiple times, and add the URL to the landing page in that message. Then, connect your contact group and hit send. Your contact group will receive an SMS on their mobile, directing them to your mobile landing page. Via our campaigns tool, you even have the possibility to take into account different time-zones when sending out your campaign. 

campaignsThe analytics feature helps you monitor the delivery and conversion rates of your SMS campaign. If needed, you can also add features such as Voice, sending a recorded voice message to your employees as if they were receiving an actual phone call.

If you need any assistance in setting up your Campaign, please visit our FAQ database, with useful step-by-step videos explaining all features such as the Address Book, SMS Campaigns and Pages. 

Call or WhatsApp us at +31762012617 to learn more about SMS with Landing Pages or:

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Call or WhatsApp us at +31762012617 to learn more about SMS with Landing Pages or:

Get started right away
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