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CPaaS: providing Brands access to “Programmable Telecoms”

Digital Transformation drives Brands to reach customers in real-time, via their preferred communication channels (SMS, Mail, Whatsapp, FB Messenger, RCS, etc) and support business scale-out. This can be realized by the brand’s existing systems within just minutes. How? Via a Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS).

Conversational messaging

The modernization of customer communication is transitioning into mature 2-way communication, or conversational messaging. In existing enterprise IT-infrastructures, we usually find CRM Customer Engagement Centers, Contact Centers and Multichannel Marketing Hubs systems. Large global vendors in these product domains are represented by, for example, Zendesk, Salesforce, Genesys, Avaya, Selligent and Adobe. The CPaaS suite can be projected as an additional Cloud Communication layer on top of your existing systems and supplier base and enables conversational messaging.

CPaaS as Cloud Communication add-on

CPaaS vendors provide access to all next-gen communication channels and their existing business applications within minutes. Individual SaaS (Software as a Service) vendors however, do not always keep pace with consumers demand for the ever-changing mobile communication trends. These vendors are chosen for their expertise in marketing, contact center or CRM. With a CPaaS suite, there is no need for complex implementation projects based on individual SaaS vendors, and draining the enterprise IT resources. Including a CPaaS suite to your existing IT infrastructure guarantees a future proof solution for consumer communication via preferred channels. Enterprises have no stress to identify the popular channel of next year, they simply have access to all channels through the CPaaS provider.

Programmable Telecoms becomes a reality

If Cloud Communication platforms only provide access to communication channels, it is questionable if using a CPaaS vendor contributes enough to your business objectives. However, a mature CPaaS vendor has more to offer via Application Programming Interfaces (API), Software Development Kits (SDK) and a Graphical User Interfaces (GUI). For example:

High scalability via Public or private cloud infrastructure

Visual Builders

Complete Solutions (2FA, Campaigns, Fraud Management)

Upsell and cross-sell via actionable URLs or buttons

Integrated solution with Payments and/or Identity Services

These are off-the-shelf solutions, readily accessible by CPaaS vendors with these types of intelligent modules provide significant added value to your existing IT infrastructure, and they will continue to do so.  

Enterprise Ready

Initially, CPaaS vendors found traction with digital natives. Their shared DNA for innovation helped them growing their business. However, in a similar way as enterprises qualified CRM or Contact Center vendors, they will seek full vendor qualification for a future CPaaS vendor. This will create a division between the Tier 1 vendors who significantly prepared their platform on par with enterprise required performance and other vendors. The enterprise ready CPaaS vendors can be identified as follows:

Direct operator connections

ISO certified

Private and Public Cloud infrastructure offering

Channel offering SMS, VOICE and OTT (minimally)

Enterprise security connections (VPN, 2WAY SSL, etc)

Experienced working in regulated industries (Telco, Payments, Identity, etc)

Enterprise sales, Implementation, Services and SLA

Resources impact

Enterprises with limited development resources can leverage the intelligent modules provided by CPaaS vendors. Full end-2-end solutions are available through API’s or visual builders. Effectively, brands can run from a CPaaS platform or from their existing business applications:

1. Marketing campaigns in SMS, Mail or Messenger

2. Reduce fraud via Telecoms geo-location

3. No-show reduction via agenda reminder in RCS

4. Late payment reduction via payment link in Viber message

The above is merely a set of examples available to enterprises choosing to leverage a mature CPaaS vendor. is a provider of Cloud Communication with enterprise ready capabilities. Engagement with large enterprises is supported by industry sector specialists and implementation managers.

Want to know more? Contact Richard van Anholt, advisor on CPaaS propositions. He helps enterprises to implement next-generation communication channels.

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Richard van Anholt is Director of Global CPaaS, responsible for developing and owning the global CPaaS Go-to-market strategy. He manages global Strategic Alliances and Partnerships and Analyst Relationships.

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