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DCS chooses iDEAL QR for collection week

During collection week for the Dutch Cancer Society, 80,000 collectors throughout the country are committed to raising as much money as possible for the fight against cancer.

Thanks to research, the 5-year survival rate has increased from 25 percent in 1949 to 65 percent today. The Dutch Cancer Society finances about 30 percent of all research projects in the Netherlands. There are approximately 400 current research projects per year, with approximately 800 scientists working full-time. A research project takes an average of 4 years and costs an average of 500,000 euros.

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Easy donation via iDEAL QR

The Dutch Cancer Society (DCS) makes donation as easy as possible with QR codes to make a donation to this charity. Collectors wear a personalized QR code on the collection box. By scanning this code, donors enter a secure payment environment where they can adjust the pre-filled amount. Follwing they're directed to the secure bank app of their own bank to pay for the transaction via iDEAL. This makes it very easy to donate, even without cash in the pocket. Two clicks, and the donation is complete! Of course completely anonymous, just as with cash donation.

QR codes widely used by the DCS

As mentioned, each collector is equipped with a personal iDEAL QR code. With these personalized QR codes it is possible to see exactly how much the collectors have collected. But that is not the only application of iDEAL QR. For example, a QR code is also shown on the 'non-home' cards. This is a generic code, i.e. not linked to a specific collector. With a circulation of 2.5 million cards, this QR code also promises to play an important role in the total proceeds of this collection week.

Donate too! 

The iDEAL QR code is also shown below. Scan it with your mobile phone, or click here, and discover how easy mobile donation is. In this way you can also contribute to the fight against cancer.

iDEAL QR KWF Kankerbestrijding

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Learn more about iDEAL QR from


Learn more about iDEAL QR from

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