Direct operator connections in 40 countries

CM recently setup direct connections to a mobile operator abroad, which brought CM’s total direct country connections to 40. Now why is that so important?

Direct operator connections in 40 countries

Reliability, costs and speed

Connecting an operator abroad is a rather time consuming and costly operation. Setting up direct connections, for example with a carrier in Brazil, Mexico or Lithuania, requires months of conversations and filling out contracts with legal appendixes. So why would a mobile messaging company, like ours, go through a hassle and not use local parties and companies, like us, instead? The answer is simple and short: reliability, costs and speed.

Delivery rates

You might have read in our previous blog posts that sending large batches SMS (Bulk SMS) or push notifications is not something everyone can do from their home PC’s. Let alone that 98% of the sent batch arrives on the device you wanted it to arrive. Using more second and third parties for sending messaging batches often leads to a declining delivery rate in push or SMS messages.

Who sends the DLR?

Another issue is that some SMS aggregators in countries (as well as a few operators) send back fake delivery reports (DLR’s) or do not support DLR’s at all. Just like us, our customers prefer to receive DLR’s. We all want to know whether the messages have been delivered on the designated devices or not. There is no way of knowing if an aggregator in that country sends fake DLR’s or no DLR’s at all.

Direct equals efficiency

Connecting directly to operators and carriers in countries prevents losing parts of your message batches along the route or having delays. Sending direct to operators furthermore means a significant faster and more reliable connection, which allows us to send One Time Password messages and other business critical communications to those countries.

Knowledge is everything

Another advantage of connecting to operators in various countries is the knowledge we gain on how mobile messaging is done efficiently in that particular part of the world. Some countries are known to have poor accessibility to their networks for voice calls or SMS messages.

Local markets and businesses

Connecting to operators directly means we will have to have contact with parties in those countries, which enriches your experience in dealing with telecom networks abroad. We get to know the local SMS market and local parties or businesses we might want to cooperate with and develop efficient A2P applications, which leads to a double-quick setup of A2P connections that are important to our customers.

Direct operator connections in 40+ countries means having a lot of country specific know how and stable direct routes for reliable and fast messaging into those countries.

More information on operators and countries is available on our website or contact our WholeSale Specialist Joanna. 

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