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Drive Conversion with SMS Landing Pages

Within the growing number of new messaging channels, SMS remains a popular and reliable messaging channel for mobile campaigns. By adding rich mobile landing pages to an SMS, you can further improve this channel’s ROI. And with our new and improved Pages app, you can now supercharge your mobile campaigns.

Besides urgent notifications or appointment reminders, SMS is also a strong channel to generate conversion for your marketing campaigns. Do you want people to see your marketing message, or to take any action? This is all possible with Pages. For example to submit a form, subscribe, download a discount coupon, complete a payment, or visit your webpage. 

Mobile Landing Pages for SMS Campaigns

Choosing SMS with its high open rate forms a solid base for your mobile marketing strategy. By adding pages, you will have more room to persuade your customers. Next to that, you will be able to add your branding elements, and moving images or videos. Get an overview of clicked links with the multiple links tracking feature, for a clear overview of your campaign’s engagement and opportunities to improve the ROI. And with the new release of Pages, we’ve now added even more features that will help you drive conversion.


Pages 2.0 : New features

  • An improved editor: it is simpler and more intuitive than ever to create a beautiful Page
  • Hyper-fast section navigation: Creating a Page with multiple sections can now be done directly in the editor.
  • Integrated preview: You can now directly preview the look-and-feel of your Page in the editor, or open it in a new tab
  • New components and features: Add a Carousel, Social Media links, Dropdown menus and Checkboxes
  • Integrated Payments: Offer iDEAL payments or WebCheckouts directly from a Page to provide a seamless user experience.

The online web editor makes it easy to set up a landing Page in a matter of minutes. By no longer limiting your message to a 160-character maximum, you’ll add another dimension to the customer experience. 

Pages as Part of the Mobile Marketing Cloud

Connect with your audience and go further than just SMS marketing with the Mobile Marketing Cloud. Drive more business by combining SMS with Email and more mobile channels.

Schedule a demo to see our platform in action and talk to our experts to get all your questions answered!

Schedule a demo to see our Mobile Marketing Cloud in action!

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Schedule a demo to see our Mobile Marketing Cloud in action!

Schedule a Demo Read More
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