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Dutch developments built for the mobile future

When we look at tech innovations, we generally direct our vision towards Silicon Valley. But don’t turn a blind eye to all other great innovation capitals of the world. As CM started out as a Dutch company, we are glad to see the Netherlands are also on the list of innovative countries. And of course, the developers of CM haven’t been sitting still either.

Global start-ups with game changing innovations are popping up everywhere, shifting focus from Silicon Valley towards Europe and the APAC region. Innovation is also high on the agenda of many companies in the Netherlands, including CM. Here’s a snapshot of our latest developments. 

Customer Contact reimagined

Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a crucial role in many tech innovations. For customer care, AI has also proven to be of great value to improve customer satisfaction and working efficiency. Chatbots are used by more and more companies to answer the most frequently asked questions of customers. But at the same time, chatbots are a source of concern for many customer care agents. As the popularity of chatbots rises, as does the question whether chatbots will replace the human customer care agent. According to CM’s customer care tool GIN, chatbots won’t.

GIN’s chatbot, also known as GINbot, is designed as a speech assistant. This means the chatbot is designed as a self-learning bot which can quickly look up all relevant data on a conversation partner and formulate a reply on the most common questions. But what’s different from many other companies is GIN has designed this chatbot in a way that leaves the employee in control as they will have to confirm the given answer. This way, in spite of the power of AI, the human will still remain in control.

Customer care tool GIN keeps adding more features to improve your customer care. Read more about the new features.

New layer of online security

With companies all moving towards the cloud, cybercrime poses a realistic threat for businesses. To limit these threats, companies have been relying on CM for Two-factor Authentication in the form of One Time Passwords via SMS and Push. Now, CM has added another product to its security platform: CM Authenticator. With CM Authenticator, businesses in the cloud can now rely on an enhanced user friendly way of Two-factor Authentication. With Authenticator, you add a second layer of authentication through the user’s mobile phone.

When an employee or customer wants to login to your environment, a second factor of authentication will pop up on their mobile phone with which they need to verify their login attempt. The user and registered owner of the phone this is sent to, can then simply click allow or deny this login attempt. This way, the user doesn’t need to type any code to gain secure access to your online environment.  (Update: the CM Authenticator app was discontinued at the end of '19. Please refer to OTP via SMS).

Marketing Campaigns

Obviously, SMS has been at the core of CM from the very beginning in 1999. Even though some people predicted the quick death of SMS, our customers keep on proving the great value SMS has for customer engagement. Therefore, the SMS technique continues to keep the focus of our developers who are continuously finding new improvement for our SMS products. Now, sending SMS campaigns for marketing purposes is easier than ever.

You can now send an SMS campaign in just a few clicks to interact with your audience like in a real discussion. With the built-in analytics, you have insight into all the relevant information with which you can analyse and improve your marketing campaigns. New features are still being added to this new SMS marketing tool, such as sending out surveys, adding landing pages and Hybrid messaging. 

More about SMS Marketing Campaigns > 

These products are just a few of the new products CM has in store for 2017. Want to know more about these products or what is yet to come? Please contact us for more information.


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