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Engage and support customers with and Zapier

Your time is valuable. Therefore, we’re excited to announce that we now have a direct connection with Zapier. Zapier adds powerful automation to over 1,300 web apps. Their tools make it simple for anyone to build code-free workflows that save hours per week. Together, we can streamline processes and simplify your day to day workflows.

What is Zapier

Zapier is a web automation app. It takes a complicated task and simplifies it. Built upon time-saving automation, Zapier connects the apps you use every day (For example: Facebook, Gmail, Google Sheets and Slack) to let you work more productively. It lets you create workflows to push data from one app to another using triggers and actions - also known as Zaps.

Once such a workflow is created, Zapier monitors your apps for new data and kicks off the actions based on the rules you’ve set. For example, Zapier can automatically send text messages or voice calls from the platform whenever certain trigger events occur in the apps you’ve connected.

Have a more advanced workflow to automate which requires multiple actions? Introducing paths, with paths you can add conditional logic and multiple outcomes to any Zap. Think of Paths as If/then logic: if A happens in your trigger app, then do this, if B happens then do something else, and so on. For example, visitors leaves their contact details on a form, CM checks whether the number is a mobile or fixed line number using search, if its mobile, path A is triggered and a text message is sent, if it’s a fixed line number, path B is triggered and a voice call is sent.

The benefits of integrating CM with Zapier

Using Zapier, you connect and automate with more than 1,300 apps. This way, you can make smart automations to improve customer engagement without focusing on the technical details. That’s a great opportunity to work smarter.

Do you need appointment reminders that you can’t overlook? Or do you want to ensure all attendees show up on time? Use one of the integrations to automatically place SMS messages or calls to yourself or attendees a few minutes before the Google Calendar event starts.

We’ve already created some of our favourite pre-made CM integrations, including triggers and actions connecting CM with Trello, GitHub, Google Sheets and Deskpro. Head over to our integration page to get started with some of our zaps.

The best part

Once your Zaps have been created, it all happens automatically and, in the background, so you can ignore manual work and focus on work that matters.

Do you want to automate a workflow that you don't see on our integrations page? Let us know via the contact us form below. We’ll try to realise all ideas.

How to Automate with Zapier

  1. Sign up for a Zapier account and make sure you have account too.
  2. Create a “zap” with some of our pre-made integrations - a Zap is a blueprint for a task you want to do over and over. In words, a Zap looks like this: "When I get a new thing in A, do this other thing in B." The first part is the Trigger and the second part is the Action.
  3. Enter your product token (read more about where you can locate your product token)
  4. Start automating
  5. You can also choose to log in and build a custom workflow with CM and Zapier.

Need help? Read more about how to get started with on Zapier

* When you start creating a zap, you’ll be asked to connect your account

More about zapier

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More about zapier

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