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Explosive growth Red je Pakketje: Customers first

A digital platform that grew in three years from an idea to a successful company with 350 employees. Delivery service 'Red je Pakketje' shows how it's possible. By putting the consumer first and by proactively communicating. We spoke to CCO and Product Owner Renno Welberg about the success of this young tech platform.

In many industries, companies are well aware that the consumer is key. This was not yet the case with parcel delivery, Renno explains. "Our customers are the webshops, but in terms of service, we focus on the consumer. We see that if we make the consumer very happy, the webshop will also become very happy." That's why Red je Pakketje offers Same Day Delivery, with extra attention for the consumer.

Put customers first

Every day around 5.30 p.m., about 130 minibusses leave on their way to consumers. They drive around until 10 p.m. to deliver orders placed that day. Consumers receive an email in advance with a time frame of only 30 minutes within when the driver will come by. If the driver is almost there, the consumer will receive another notification via SMS

"This way Red je Pakketje reduces the chance that drivers have to take the package with them again," explains Renno. In addition, delivery personnel is given time to deliver their parcels. No hasty ringing of the doorbell and immediately leaving because the clock is ticking. Our delivery staff has time to call the consumer if they don't open the door. This means that we can deliver at least 98% of the registered parcels every day." Good service for the consumer, but what is the advantage for the webshop?

Renno: " has already shown that the faster you deliver products, the higher your conversion and retention will be. So it's no wonder that is one of the customers of Red je Pakketje for Same Day Delivery. More and more companies are realizing the costs of a damaged or missing parcel. With that information, they are now increasingly opting for Red je Pakketje."

But perhaps even more important is the service of Red je Pakketje. Because they put the consumer first in the whole process, they improve the customer experience. And that positive delivery experience is reflected in the webshop. 

How did it grow so fast?

The rapid growth of Red je Pakketje is due to two factors, according to the company. On the front side it's the consumer,. Behind the scenes, it's the IT focus. Read the full Customer Success Story of 'Red je Pakketje' here and learn from this fast-growing platform.

Read the Customer Success Story

To the use case

Read the Customer Success Story

To the use case
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