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Extrema Outdoor Belgium combines forces of several products for a unique customer experience

In June, the Belgian city of Houthalen-Helchteren was completely dedicated to Extrema Outdoor Belgium. The 9th edition was slightly different than previous years. Personalised tickets were used, and a new payment method was introduced. The 60.000 festival visitors were given a brand new experience by combining the strengths and forces of various products.


Together with the organisers, various preparations were made for online ticket sale. The online ticket shop - of course styled in the Extrema Outdoor Belgium theme - was set up to welcome thousands of people at the same time. In the first few hours, the tickets were sold like hotcakes. There was a wide range of festival tickets available. There were tickets for one day, but also tickets for two to three days with overnight stay at the campsite. In addition, a distinction was made between regular tickets and VIP tickets. Each ticket offered a different festival experience. 


Cashless payments 

After scanning and checking the tickets at the entrance gates, festival visitors received a wristband with a RFID chip. This chip stored the digital entrance ticket. designed a special API to connect the ticket to the wristband. The wristband also offered another functionality, allowing visitors to pay for consumptions with digital coins with this wristband. Contactless payment made it unnecessary to carry cash. The wristbands could be charged both online and on the festival grounds. On the festival site, there were enough charging points to do a top-up on the wristband. 


Measuring is knowing 

In addition to the ease of contactless payment with the wristband and not having to carry cash anymore, there is another thought behind the wristband. The wristbands can be used to identify the visitor's profiles. All data from that carrier is stored in's Customer Data Platform

This offers a great opportunity to send out personalised marketing campaigns. For example, for after-sales or for next year's ticket sales. The Customer Data Platform offers the possibility to connect multiple data sources into one uniform customer profile and offers real-time insight into the data and behaviour of the visitors. 


How's products contribute to a unique customer experience: 

  • With the Ticketing app of it's easy to set up a ticket shop in any desired style, including the online queue. 
  • The Ticketing solution from offers the possibility to generate tickets that can be scanned by all available scanning software. 
  • Ticket personalisation minimises illegal resale. 
  •'s Customer Data Platform allows personal marketing campaigns to be sent out so that all fans of Extrema Outdoor Belgium only receive relevant messages. 

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