Conversational Commerce

Future-proof your business: How will customers find you?

Many companies know the future success of their business depends on the integration of mobile and -more specifically - on the integration of Conversational Commerce. Conversational Commerce promises to close the gap between customer and company using messaging apps. But just what is this Conversational Commerce business all about and why should you care?

Conversational Commerce

The term Conversational Commerce really isn’t all that new. Back in 2015, Uber’s Chris Messina already mentioned Conversational Commerce as the ‘intersection of messaging apps and shopping’. Uber’s interpretation of this was to enable their customers to find and order their Uber driver without leaving the conversation. This means integrations were made to enable conversion within the messaging channel Facebook Messenger.

This Uber experience now sets the standard for customer-business interaction across the globe. Consumers’ familiarity with messaging channels creates a new market to offer services and experiences, making messaging channels the foundation for success.

Your competitors are already using Conversational Commerce

Throughout the many sectors, countless other interpretations of the Conversational Commerce principle are possible. Consider someone wanting to make a reservation at your restaurant. You can have him fill in a reservation form on your website, or you can let him contact you via -for example- Apple Business Chat, with in-app date-picking and location features. This not only makes it easy for the customer to reach you, but with rich data profiles, you already know exactly who you’re dealing with. Making a reservation was never this easy.

Or how about Facebook ads? Wouldn’t it be convenient if people interested in that ad could contact you in that same channel, so Facebook Messenger? Here, they can place their order and even pay for your products, without ever leaving Facebook. This not only is a convenient way to increase conversion rates, it is what the customer expects of modern-day companies. Having your own apps and website becomes irrelevant. Offering the right service in your customer’s channel of preference is what makes you stand out from the competition.

And this is how it works

The basis of Conversational Commerce would be allowing customers to contact your business through their favourite messaging channel and finish the path-to-purchase within that same channel. Each customer has his own channel preference, which means you won’t get away with just disclosing Facebook Messenger. You need presence on all of the important messaging channels. These include -amongst others- WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, RCS, WeChat, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger and of course the always reliable SMS for those internet-scarce moments. Sounds like a complex technical implementation? It isn’t! Conversational Commerce allows you to have a natural conversation with your customer on mobile, without any technological hinder. can facilitate all the messaging and payment channels from one single platform. And this is how!

What do you need for Conversational Commerce?

To get Conversational Commerce right, you need 3 building blocks. These are:

  • Conversational Messaging: Find a reliable and globally operating CPaaS to connect to all relevant messaging channels your customers are using and start the conversation.
  • In-channel payments: You need a Payment Service Provider to enable in-channel payments in a safe and reliable way.
  • Data Platform: Offering the best service isn’t possible without creating rich customer profiles with data from all connected messaging channels. Only by using this data, you can provide service tailored to their needs, and prevent unnecessary repetitive questions like shoe size or what the complaint is about. Data keeps the conversation going!

Good news! offers all of these 3 building blocks to get your business Conversational Commerce ready. No need to worry about switching between channels, receiving payments or privacy issues. offers all needed messaging channels, secure in-channel payments and GDPR-compliant data storage. We make sure you’re always reachable, so you can continue the conversation and digital communication process 24/7.

Want to know just how to get started with Conversational Commerce? Get your free test account here, and get familiar with the endless possibilities.

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