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With the explosive growth in number of communication tools, it’s becoming harder for companies to be reachable on each of them. Until now. A startup named GIN has made it possible to communicate with customers on several messenger apps via one dashboard. Even though GIN will have it's official release at Mobile World Congress '17, it has years of experience with messaging and customer contact. That’s because GIN is part of the in 1999 founded CM Telecom. Meet GIN: CM’s new customer contact tool.

Laptop customer care GIN

With the customer care tool GIN, companies can communicate with all customers on all channels via one dashboard. This allows you to chat with customers via, amongst others, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat. Moreover, this new customer contact tool is supported by the latest technological features. Also, this tool can be integrated in your current CRM system. Do you have more customer care agents? GIN allows multiple people to work together in this dashboard and seamlessly transfer conversations to other colleagues or departments. Furthermore, GIN will be implementing chatbots, the virtual assistant that can send automated but personalized messages to frequently asked questions. 


GIN’s desire for innovation comes from no stranger. When CM Telecom started sending SMS messages in 1999, they were told there was no future in SMS. But, the opposite showed true, with CM still sending millions of messages a day. Not to mention the success of CM Telecom’s Hybrid messaging, One Time Passwords and AutoCollect. GIN profits from all this experience CM has gained with messaging, development and interaction over the years. Also, customers of GIN are able to use all other features the messaging platform of CM has to offer. This way, you will not only become easy to reach on all messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, but you can also use all other messaging features of CM Telecom. This way, you’ll be sure to reach your customers anywhere and anytime.

GIN is remixing customer contact in order to make customer service as easy as possible. Therefore, GIN not only offers a user friendly dashboard to communicate with customers on several different platforms. GIN even makes it easy for all your frequently asked questions to be answered quickly by specially designed chatbots. This way, customers will receive a response the very instant they contact you. This not only increases customer satisfaction, but the efficiency of your customer care as well. 

Solid base 

Even though the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, CM Telecom and GIN are not exactly the same. CM has been a solid name in the market for about 18 years. GIN is a new name in a market that’s just evolving. A market that changes daily. Therefore, GIN chooses a fresh and flexible approach. GIN will do so to quickly evolve into the main customer contact platform to perfectly meet the customer’s needs. “18 years ago, CM was in the exact same shoes as GIN is now. So, we are not scared to open up unexplored markets,” says Daan Gönning, product manager at GIN. “GIN might be new and young, but it is built on the experience and knowledge of CM Telecom. And we are not afraid to completely turn the market of customer contact upside down”. 

Do you have any questions about GIN or would you like to think along about what the market of tomorrow should look like? We are glad to hear from you. 


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