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How to use Facebook’s Messaging App and Skyrocket your Sales

One of the many challenges of web shops is to make sure customers can follow the steps in the purchase process as easily as possible. Still, consumers will still often have questions about products or payments. And of course, you are more than welcome to answer these questions over phone or e-mail. But with Facebook appcare, there is a faster, more user friendly and accessible way to be there for your customer.

Facebook appcare popular

Most consumers prefer social media like Facebook as the communication platform for customer care. Moreover, consumers say Facebook is the best social media channel to receive a quick reply for customer care agents. But there are more reasons for consumers to prefer social media channels over traditional communication tools. They are familiar with this as they already spend an average of one hour a day on Facebook. Therefore, it takes minimum effort to contact your web shop through this platform in case there are any questions or remarks. And not to forget that, contrary to the standard phone operating customer care, social media is a free channel to use. That further lowers the barrier for consumers to contact you. Not convinced yet? With about 1.8 billion active users a month on Facebook, there really is no way around it. Consumers want -no, need- to be able to contact your customer care on Facebook.

1.8 billion active users a month on Facebook want to be able to contact you

Consumers who easily contact you; that opens the door to many opportunities for web shops to help consumers finalise their purchase. However, the use of social media also brings along some new challenges. With the many possibilities social media channels offer, the expectations of consumers grow higher and higher. Facebook is real-time, so consumers expect a faster response than with email. Moreover, consumers expect to be able to reach your company outside of office hours and receive personal service.

How to: Facebook appcare

As a web shop owner, there are many things for you to keep a close eye on if you want to fully use the benefits of Facebook appcare. And then there are all the other social media channels to monitor, such as WhatsApp and WeChat. Where to begin? We’ll give you some advice on how to make the most out of social appcare.

1. Facebook company page

It may be an open door, but before you can implement Facebook appcare, you have to create a Facebook company page. Make sure consumers know they can find you here. This page needs to be relevant for the user, so use this platform to share valuable content on a regular basis. Use your social posts to invite your followers to respond. Ask them to share their opinion so they will know you want them to join the conversation.

2. Chat conversation

Are customers responding to your messages or are they even placing updates on your page themselves? Great! Now what? The way you react to the messages of your customer is most important. A message on social media can easily be misinterpreted. And that while there are many others that can jump in to the conversation at any given time. You can try to determine how best to react to sarcasm, complaints or request. But why not look at what you can learn from the appcare of other companies?

3. Chat Payments

Have you answered the customer’s question and is he convinced he want to buy your product? Use this moment of determination and make it as easy as possible for your customer to finish the purchase. One of the many possibilities of Facebook Messenger is to make payments directly in the chat screen, for example using PayPal or Mastercard. In the USA, this functionality is already implemented. The license for European payments has been requested as well, so you can assume that European consumers will soon be able to pay for your products using Facebook Messenger.

4. Chat platform

So, it is important that you respond to consumer’s messages in a correct and friendly manner. But make no mistake. If you wait too long with sending the perfect answer, your consumer will be long gone. Like I’ve mentioned before, social media users expect a quick reply. If this answer is regarding a question about a possible purchase, you’d best help the consumer before he loses interest and changes his mind. But what web shop owner has the time to continuously monitor all social media channels? Luckily, there is an easy solution for this.

The customer contact tool GIN makes it possible for you to offer messaging apps in a user friendly way. Now that customers will try to reach out to you via many different channels, it can be hard to monitor them all. With GIN, you can chat with customers on all platforms, including Facebook Messenger, over one user friendly dashboard. Regardless of the platform your customer chooses, you can chat one-on-one, target, analyse and this way offer the very best customer care possible. Moreover, GIN offers chatbot functionality. These chatbots can answer frequently asked questions for an immediate reply. By using this functionality, you will see your sales skyrocket in no time.  

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