How PayPal payments benefits can double your web shop margin

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How PayPal payments benefits can double your web shop margin

PayPal is the biggest online wallet in the world. It’s available in over 200 countries and 25 currencies, with 218 million active consumer accounts. 17 million merchants are now offering PayPal. Because of its popularity, web shops are advised to offer PayPal payments in their web shop to increase conversion.

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PayPal’s popularity has drastically grown under consumers over the years. This the payment provider's mobile payment volume amounted to 102 billion US dollars in 2016. And even though Generation X is the most frequent using group, all generations seem to have adopted this payment method. Therefore, web shops are advised to integrate this payment method as well, as not offering this payment method may lead to abandoned shopping carts. This is easily prevented by adding PayPal payments. 

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Benefits of PayPal payments for consumer and company 

For using PayPal, customers only have to register once. This makes it a very user-friendly payment method. Also, consumers have shown to trust PayPal, further lowering the threshold towards payments on your website. This will also benefit your conversion rate. And no one wants to lose sales because they didn’t offer the payment method the customer wants, right?  

Combine PayPal payments with other international and local methods 

Integrating the right payment solutions can greatly improve the success of your web shop. It may be useful to even show which payment solutions you offer with small logo’s on your homepage. By offering those payment methods your customers want to use, like PayPal but also other international methods or local ones, you'll make sure they don't have a reason to cancel their purchase in the last step in the funnel. These can be PayPal but also other international methods or local ones such as iDEAL or Bancontact. 

Some other international payment methods we offer: 

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Maestro
  • Alipay (soon)

Choosing the right methods means that you have to know your customer, especially if you have customers in multiple countries. [read more] 

You can now integrate PayPal payments and other payment methods in your web shop, all from our Payment Service Provider platform. Find out more about local payment methods and international payment methods such as PayPal or contact us to get started. 


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