How SMS improves the Customer Experience of your Digital Services

Digital services are part of our lives. It’s impossible to imagine not to have Netflix or Spotify for entertainment, Airbnb for booking accommodations or Uber for transport. And what about transferring money online from one bank account to another or paying with our mobile phones? As we expect to use these services on-demand, we also expect that communicating with these businesses is as easy as communicating with our friends and family. How do enterprises offering digital services keep up with the demands of their users and ensure an optimal customer experience? SMS plays an important role. In this article we’re looking at how SMS enhances customer experience for digital services.

improve customer experience with sms

The 3 main reasons why digital services rely on SMS

SMS is around for almost 30 years and is one of the most reliable communication channels. It has an open rate of 98% and is used for multiple purposes. Digital services benefit from using SMS and here's why.

1) An Extra security step

Everyone that wants to use a digital service has to register first. By sending a One Time Password via SMS during the registration (or later: the login) process, you can easily verify whether the given phone number is active and used by the person creating an account. 

2) To send notifications 

SMS is also the perfect way to keep people informed. For example Parkmobile – specialized in electronic and digital parking solutions – uses’s SMS Gateway to send SMS reminders and options to extend parking sessions. “Our service is about trust and guarantee”, Parkmobile’s commercial manager Tomas Novak says. “Our customers want to know when their parking time is running out, so they can go to their car and leave or top up.”

Or that uses SMS on its meal-delivery platform to keep their hungry users actively informed. First, this means they use the always reliable mobile messaging channel SMS to confirm their order. Also, they actively inform users on food-tracker status notifications. This way, they use mobile messaging to improve the customer experience.

The user can enable push or SMS notifications to receive discounts and restaurant updates. This combined with an app that offers a bonus-shop with loyalty points for discounts, brings the customer experience to a whole new level: the user’s mobile phone is used for customer retention.

3) To enhance marketing

Once you’ve built an audience which you can reach on their mobile phones, SMS is a perfect way to use for loyalty programs or marketing messages. Our customer Etam, a French lingerie market leader, uses SMS to send out promotional offers or to check the balance of loyalty points. Everything is possible via SMS.

"We have the ability to track the SMS delivery rate - which is close to 100% - and the repeat purchase rate we have in the web shop and in the stores. Nowadays, SMS is a profitable channel. We see that the repeat purchase rate is higher when people have received an SMS, both in number of visits and in turnover", says Jonathan Attali, Chief Digital Officer at Etam.

Make your customer feel special and valued in each step of the way.

5 billion people worldwide are able to send and receive SMS messages. In a matter of fact, 90% of the SMS messages are read within 3 minutes (source: It is clear that SMS is a perfect way to communicate with your customers in every step of their journey.

Do you want to know what SMS can do for your business? connects businesses to mobile phones worldwide. Our services are used by 20.000+ businesses for better marketing, better sales and better service. All in all to provide an outstanding customer experience.

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