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How to Dress for Mobile Commerce Success in the Fashion Industry

Nothing makes (most) of us happier than a good shopping spree. But, the way we are shopping is changing. For years, eCommerce was on the rise, nowadays it should make way for m-commerce. But what is m-commerce, and how does it differ from eCommerce? It’s actually simple. M-commerce stands for mobile commerce, which involves shopping through a mobile device, while e-commerce involves online shopping through a computer. In this article we are diving into the mobile trends of the Fashion industry and how you can integrate mobile in each step of a customer’s shopping journey.

The VIP user experience through mobile

Research shows us that online shopping is shifting from desktop to mobile. Nowadays 46%, of the average revenue comes from mobile, compared to 25% from desktop and 9% from tablets. Especially amongst Millennials and Gen Zers whom are holding massive spending power. These tech-savvy consumers have the ability to boost volume, as they're more likely to do a wider share of shopping on their smartphones.

But with the fact that we can do our shopping at any time of the day, we are also becoming more demanding in terms of experience. Adobe’s research found that 80% of consumers are more likely to buy from retailers that offer personalized experiences. And 63% would increase their spending with a brand if it puts more emphasis on personalized shopping experiences.

Personalization and mobile are the trending topics in today’s fashion industry. As a fashion retailer you cannot stay behind. You should ensure that every mobile shopping experience is as good as the experience is in-stores. Send only relevant and personalized content to your customer. How? We’ve got you covered!

The Conversational Cloud for every step of the mobile shopping journey

To offer every customer a mobile VIP treatment, introduces the Mobile Service Cloud. With the Conversational Cloud, you easily improve customer satisfaction using a smart combination of messaging and data in every phase of the shopping journey. Let’s go through every phase and give you some examples.


You’re about to launch a new product line and you’re proud to share it with the world. 


Your new products are well received! But some of the shoppers still need some assistance before they make a purchase. No worries. You’ll give them personal advice, just like a personal shopper, through their favorite messaging channel. Let your customers contact you for advice through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Messages for Business or any other channel they prefer. Let’s start the conversation!

With our Customer Contact tool, which is part of the Conversational Cloud, you can easily manage incoming messages from any channel through one dashboard. 


Once you’ve offered amazing fashion advice, your customer is ready to purchase. Easily Integrate a payment link in the chat so your customer doesn’t have to switch channels and can pay for his or her product in the chat.

the checkout screen on mobile buying a dress and shoesService & support

Besides fashion advice, you can manage all other incoming messages to offer amazing support with our Customer Contact tool. Customers turn to a multitude of chat apps to reach out to you for support. Availability on WhatsApp Business, Apple Messages for Business, Viber and SMS is the new standard. By adding Customer Contact, you’ll handle all conversations with the greatest ease. Customer Contact removes all thresholds and repetitive processes. Connect to your chosen channels to make life easier on your customer care team, and improve your service quality.


To create a loyal customer base, you should keep meeting their expectations. Send them personalized messaging and offerings. But how? With's Customer Data Platform (CDP) you can create 360 ° customer profiles. The CDP collects customer data such as personal identifiers, website visits, mobile app sessions, email responses, chat transcripts, customer service interaction audio recordings, social media comments, and purchase orders. This way you ensure that your message is as personal as possible and corresponds to your customers' wishes.

retail messaging channels

More numbers and facts about mobile commerce in the Fashion industry? Download the infographic.

The Mobile Service Cloud for every step of the mobile shopping journey

Mobile Service Cloud

The Mobile Service Cloud for every step of the mobile shopping journey

Mobile Service Cloud
connects tens of thousands of companies with millions of consumers via their mobile phone each day. Behind the scenes, from our innovative platform, makes sure companies can use these millions of messages, phone calls and payments to become part of people’s lives.

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