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How to pre-sell 80% of your event

What kind of events does your business organize? Whether it’s a festival, networking event, public event or business event. There’s not a single event organiser that wouldn’t be excited when 80% of tickets are sold in pre-sale. Let me share some of the best practices to boost your pre-sale.

We are quickly moving into a mobile only world. Many daily activities have moved to the small screen called the mobile phone. Most of us receive many Facebook posts, mailings and Instagram messages of events. These messages often contain general content that should have universal appeal to all specific target groups. In a landscape where the number of events continues to rise, visitors decide rather late which event they will visit. The loyalty towards events is decreasing. Our technique enables event organizers to match the right message, the favourite communication channel and a personalized offer to the target groups, to offer that personalized experience. How that works? 

1. Easily collect valuable data, and use it

The true solution for getting noticed is knowing your target group. How you can reach them and convince them to buy a ticket as soon as possible? To influence the choice behaviour of visitors, you need insight into individual preferences. Use our Customer Data Platform (CDP) to automatically collect and transfer data to real-time customer profiles. All interactions – such as event ticket orders, payments, previous conversations, preferences, buying behavior etc. – come together in comprehensible customer profiles. From there, you are enabled to create and select target groups and reach them with the right message and channel. 

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2. Personalized mobile experiences

Create a personal bond with your audience to increase conversion. You cannot send a universal message into the world and expect great results. Consumers expect more from brands, and do not respond to messages that aren’t highly relevant to them. It may be no surprise that results will be better when event organizers send personalized messages to their target groups. Someone who has visited an event twice is not looking for the same information as someone who has never visited that same event before. But there’s more. For example, does the returning visitor usually book a day or a weekend ticket? And does he usually buy just one ticket or does he come with a group? And what’s his favourite communication channel? By looking into the information you have on individuals, you can make your message more relevant and persuasive. Send personalized campaigns to segmented target groups by WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger Bot, SMS, RCS, voice messages and email. So, stand out and make your communication personalized and relevant, and spread it through the right channels.

3. Reduce the buyer journey to two clicks

Another way to increase the amount of tickets sold in the pre-sale phase is making the buying process as easy as possible. So, by removing barriers and steps as much as possible. A short buyer journey is key. Let me illustrate this with an example: the third edition of your event is coming up. The best target group to boost pre-sale is the returning visitor. Reach out with a personalized message by, for example, SMS. Put a personal offer in the message such as buy two tickets now and receive a cap for free during the pre-sale. Add a direct link to the ticket shop. Make sure the receiver can directly start the order by clicking the link to the branded ticketing shop. Providing prefilled buyer information fields saves time and effort. A simple click to make the payment completes the purchase. By combining ticketing, mobile communication, data and mobile payments in one platform, this is easily done.

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