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How to use the WhatsApp Business solution in Telecom

In this series of sector related tips for the WhatsApp Business API, we’re diving into the possibilities of WhatsApp for the Telecom sector. How can you benefit from the WhatsApp Business solution in terms of reducing pressure on customer care while optimizing the customer journey?

Also in the Telecom sector you will receive recurring inquiries on a daily basis. Think of questions about new subscriptions or increasing or decreasing internet bundles. If you have to answer all these questions individually, you can imagine that this is very time-consuming for your customer contact centre. Wouldn't it be easier to answer these questions before they are asked, with proactive notifications such as when a subscription expires or a phone is about to be delivered? The WhatsApp Business API has a way to make things a bit easier on your customer care center. How? With message Templates.

Message Templates

What are Message Templates you ask? Message Templates are pre-approved messages that can be sent in both inbound and outbound communication with your customers. These messages can be used to send notifications to those customers with an active opt-in for WhatsApp notifications. To personalise the message, you can use the numbered placeholders {x}. Each of those placeholders can be filled with letters, digits, special characters and spaces. This is best explained with an example. I will give some examples on how these Message Templates can be used to optimize customer care in the Telecom sector.

WhatsApp notifications in Telecom 

Contract information: A common question in the telecom industry is about the duration of a contract. Of course, consumers can call your customer service department about this, but wouldn't it be easier if the consumer could send a WhatsApp message from the mobile number in question, asking when his contract expires, and that this message would then be answered by a virtual assistant that would communicate the end time of the contract to that phone number? Fast response for the consumer, time saved for customer service. 

Hi {1}, your mobile subscription with <Telecomprovider> expires on {2} and can be renewed from {3}.  

Orders: Did the customer sign a new contract with a telephone? Or is a mechanic coming to connect to the internet? With WhatsApp, you give the opportunity to arrange a suitable time for delivery.

You have signed a contract for {1}. In order to connect you as soon as possible, we would like to make an appointment for our mechanic to visit you. Select the period here. An appointment takes about 1 hour.

Change packages: Many telecom providers offer the possibility to change packages on a monthly basis. Isn't it useful if the customer can arrange this himself with your virtual assistant or customer service team? WhatsApp is a low-threshold way for consumers to contact you, and thanks to Message Templates you can easily send a full response to an incoming request.

Hello! Do you want to downgrade your subscription? By {1} we will change your subscription to {3}. You can change this at any time.

Payment problems: It is also possible that you may have to contact the customer yourself, for example in the event of non-payment. You can use WhatsApp to solve this problem quickly and easily. For example, you can send a reminder e-mail, but you can also do this via WhatsApp once the customer has opted in. This way the customer can open his internet banking app directly from his mobile phone and do the payment.

Dear {1}, we see that your payment for this month has not been received. Please check if there is sufficient balance on your bank account. We will try again this week.


Important to note is that for outbound use of these Templates, you will need an active opt-in from your customer to receive specified information. Otherwise, they may be used only in the customer care window, initiated by the customer. If the customer has any questions after receiving your notifications, he can ask for more information by simply replying to your message, opening up such a customer care window in which you can communicate freely. So besides using Message Templates, of course you can also have a spontaneous chat, where you can type your messages with rich media in response to a customer initiated conversation. 

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