Reinventing mobile communications with Hybrid Messaging

Hybrid Messaging guarantees even more mobile messages are delivered and read. It starts with encrypted and masked push messaging through apps, but - if necessary - is backed up by SMS.

Reinventing mobile communications with Hybrid Messaging

The ambition has always been to deliver every single mobile message CM’s customers send through the platform using the CM Gateway. Improving the way we send SMS, for instance by connecting more and more directly to operators abroad, has increased the number of messages we deliver.

New way of enagaging with brands and customers

Push messaging through apps has brought a whole new way of messaging. Cheaper, more precise, faster and easier. There’s however a disadvantage that comes automatically when using push notifications: it needs mobile Internet. Without it, you can send as many batches as you want, they will not reach their destination.

Comprehensive and advantegous

To fill this gap, there is a solution that combines the wide spread and ubiquity of SMS and the advantageous costs of push messaging: hybrid messaging. You cannot only send push as well as SMS messages; your push messages are secured by encryption. That means the content of the message can only be read when the user unlocks the device and the designated app is opened. The notification does not show any content of the message before this. Perfect for One Time Passwords and company and government critical communications.

To have or not to have an app

Hybrid Messaging works simple. There’s two ways to get going with sending push notifications. In one method you already own an app and install CM’s SDK with your app. This SDK provides a straightforward dashboard, which summarizes to whom messages are sent and which message is read, among others. In the dashboard you can check the option SMS Backup: that sends an SMS message when the dashboard sees push messages have not been read after a period of time, selected by the SDK user. Another option puts the encryption on the messages. Safe and easy.

Even more convenient: NotiFire

There’s an even more convenient method. It’s called NotiFire. NotiFire is a ready-to-use app available in the Appstore and Google Play Store. Within NotiFire we build your own branded channel which your end users can activate so you can reach them by push notifications. Hybrid Messaging guarantees even more messages are delivered and it is more advantageous than just using SMS for corporate communications.

Mask and Encrypt

Hybrid Messaging comes with more functions that guarantees delivery but also lets you mask and encrypt your notifications. This way content is only visible if the end user unlocks the device and actually opens the app to view the content behind the notification. Perfect for company and government critical messaging. You can choose SMS Backup if the push notification has not been read after period of time.

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