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Innovations in 2017: Connectivity, connectivity, connectivity

The year 2017 is already well on its way. Companies are evaluating the results of the previous year and are focusing on the new goals for the next. By now, we’ve already seen a lot of lists summing up the latest trends for 2017. But make sure you don’t forget about last year’s trends, including the Internet of Things (IoT). Even though IoT was a buzzwords last year, the importance of connection and interaction has never been as big as now.

For many years we have been offering messaging solutions for the lasting need to be connected with your customers anywhere and anytime. Besides this need, or actually because of this need, the connection between systems and devices is becoming increasingly important. By making systems communicate with one another, you can better fulfill the needs of your customer and thus excel as a company. Even though everyone is aware of the importance of connectivity by now, there are still many applications of IoT yet to be discovered by companies all over the world. 

All platforms connected

Like we said before, direct connectivity with customers is most important. The growing number of platforms to communicate with your customers, like WhatsApp, Facebook and Telegram, should make this fairly easy. But how do you prevent yourself from getting lost in the numerous communication platforms? And how do keep the overview so you are available constantly and customers are answered quickly? Thanks to a new startup, this doesn’t have to be hard at all.

GIN has connected and bound the systems of the most used messaging apps. Now, companies can communicate with all customers on all platforms via one dashboard. This way, customers can reach your customer service whenever they want from any device they want. Do you want to add to the service by responding to your customers instantly? GIN makes it possible for companies to implement chatbots so that customers receive an answer to their question right away. 

Mobile parking with connected systems

Next to the many possible examples of new connections between systems, some evolving IoT applications that have already entered the markets are definitely worth mentioning. For example, think of the technology in paid parking. Some important developments are upon us. Nowadays, you still need to create an account in order to use a payment app. For drivers who simply would not use such an app all that often, creating an account might not weigh up to the benefits. Moreover, with the current parking apps, a credit card or a prepaid deposit is almost always necessary for drivers to use the app.

BMW is removing these hurdles. Together with ParkMobile and CM Telecom, BMW has developed a new app. BMW is investing in a new innovation called ParkNow. When you’ve parked your car, your car will start the parking payment transaction itself with Direct Carrier Billing. Besides this connection between the car, the parking meter and your phone bill, it may soon be possible to have your car find a free parking spot, drive towards it, park and pay. Ready to leave again? Your car will end the payment transaction automatically, so you don’t have to worry about anything but choosing your next destination. 

The future 

The importance of connected systems to make the lives of companies and customers easier, will continue to grow. But you have to realise that, for a smooth implementation of IoT, the people using these systems need to be ready too. Consider companies that have already implemented chatbots in their marketing campaigns. What will your employees have to do with this form of artificial intelligence once that campaign ends? The link between system and employee is crucial for the implementation of all that IoT has to offer.

Of course, CM Telecom is more than happy to advise you on the possibilities of mobile technology and IoT. Take a look at MoCoMoments, our mobile community for mobile experts. Or contact us to find out what features can lift your company to a higher level. 

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