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Introduction of Sign 2.0 for Software Companies: Digital Signing, Now Easier Than Ever.

At we are always looking for ways to improve our products and enhance the collaborations with our partners. Because we constantly engage in dialogue with our partners, we can respond quickly to specific questions and needs. Sign 2.0 has made some major improvements that will be very helpful to our software partners. In addition, Sign 2.0 has been completely redesigned, based on the most recent UX insights. In this blog you can read more about all these improvements.

Sign is the tool for electronic signing. It’s fast and easy to use. You can request, send and save signatures with Sign. Besides that, you can use Sign in combination with identification and payment solutions to confirm the identity of people and to process payments. Sign is used in every industry, by companies of all sizes, to complete and process contracts, agreements, documents and payments without the need to print and scan them. 

New in Sign 2.0

  • Co-branding: With Sign 2.0 you’ll have the option to add your logo and corporate colors. You can choose for instance, to show your or your client’s logo in the header of the signing page instead of just using it to brand emails. You’ll generate a very personalized environment and create a strong corporate image. 

Sign Co-branding

  • Partner dashboard: This gives partners the option to manage and adjust their customers’ settings. They can, for instance, add the customer’s logo to an invitation email containing a request for a signature. Apart from that, the partner has an overview of the total of signed documents of all customers in a certain period. Partners might use this for billing purposes and to gain insight in which customers are actively using Sign 2.0 and which are not. They might use this knowledge to provide their customers with more personalized support. It can also help them to target similar new customers. Partners are now able to set up the Sign environment themselves, including the webhook, without personal contact with staff.
  • Onboarding customers with API: It is now possible for partners to successfully onboard new clients with an API call. It’s self-service, without the interference of, and it creates the flexibility to use the integration instantly.
  • Create signature fields in Not every partner is able to support all this with tags. That’s why we’ve created an environment in which this can easily be set up correctly. You can upload/generate a document using your own software and with one click, you’ll be redirected to our environment to create fields for signatures, initials, data, text, check marks etc. This way all documents uploaded in the system, can be signed digitally. 

Sign API

Apart from these improvements for partners, we’ve also revised Sign’s design, based on the most recent UX insights. You can read more about this in the following blog: this blog.

Niels, product manager for Sign at says:

‘’Our strategic partners play an important role in Sign’s growth. The deep integration of our Sign product in their existing software is adding lot of extra value to their customers because it’s a simple one-stop-shop. By listening to the valuable input of our strategic partners, we were able to implement new features in order to facilitate our current and future partners even better. Every integration gives us new insights and we try to convert those insights to product innovations. We thank all our strategic partners for their trust in us and for the relevant input they provide us with to improve our joint proposition.’’

What are the Benefits of Choosing Sign?

  • Save time and costs: By signing digitally, documents are signed much faster on average and the labour costs per document are significantly lower than with 'normal' signing. This results in savings in time and costs. Furthermore, you reduce costs and the use of resources because the process of signing is 100% electronic and paperless. This also sends out a signal that you consider sustainability to be important. 
  • Achieve better results and boost revenue: Faster signing improves your business results. Using remote signing technology helps you streamline business processes and speed up revenue streams. In fact – as we mentioned above – our customers saved hours – even days – after implementing Sign. Plus, Sign can integrate seamlessly with your front and back office systems so you can reduce the time you spend on admin. 
  • Ensure compliance and build trust with customers: Both you and your customers want to know that the data you send is completely secure. By choosing Sign, you can rest assured that your electronic signature processes are 100% secure as well as legally binding, giving you peace of mind and helping you build trust with your customers. 

Why Sign with Sign from

Unlike sending documents via other companies where you pay for each time you send a document, whether it is signed or not, with Sign you only pay when you receive a signed document. And you pay a fixed price. This helps to manage costs and means there are no financial surprises.

Moreover, the Sign environment is extremely user-friendly and based on recent UX research. The implementation and signing process is self-explanatory, but if you have any questions, the lines of communication with our staff are very short. We already work with a large number of partners in various industries, including: TopDesk, KindPlanner, Kolibri, Hooray and Payoffice.

Discuss opportunities for strategic partnership? Partner Manager Marc Kuppens is always available.

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