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Lift your customer care to a higher level

Nowadays, you can no longer get away with a customer care team that is only available during office hours. Let alone one that is only available via telephone. Customers expect companies to be involved and easy to reach. At the same time, the number of communication platforms customers use to reach companies, is increasing rapidly. Automation, Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence are said to be the answer. But what is really needed to offer your customer the service he requires?

The traditional customer care department that operates solely from a call center is a thing of the past. SMS and email have been embraced already some time ago and are already seen as standard communication tools in customer care. Each of these channels has its own features. Telephony for example, offers a highly personal and interactive way of communicating. This traditional customer care over the phone does, however, mean your customers are often kept waiting for a long time or are put on hold to be transferred to the right customer care agent.

SMS offers a solution for these waiting times. When the customer has sent you his question or comment via SMS, he can just put his phone aside until the receives your reply. Still, answering complex matters for which more information is needed, can be difficult over SMS. Because of its high open rates, SMS is very suitable for outbound customer contact.

Email is another frequently used tool for answering customer’s questions. Even though emails often take more time to receive an answer, this channel is used by many customer care departments. Most customers are familiar with this communication tool, which makes it user friendly. However, most of today’s youth is abandoning email. As a customer care agent, you cannot ignore this shift towards other platforms.

Social Messaging

If you want to meet the expectations, or more accurate, the demands of customers to be able to reach you anywhere and anytime, you will have explore the possibilities of Social Messaging. Besides the known and trusted tools, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are the leading communication tools for customer care. You don’t want to ignore the 1 billion Facebook Messenger users do you?

Companies need to be available via these social messaging channels. But for many companies, these channels are new uncharted territories. These platforms have their own specific culture with corresponding pros and cons. Contact is personal, direct and informal. It also allows easy sharing of multimedia content. And, not unimportant, the customer shares a lot of personal information on these platforms, allowing you to get to know him better than when you use SMS or email.

But how can you use Facebook messenger to cooperate with multiple customer care agents? And how do you integrate this platform in your current CRM system? Facebook Messenger is most suitable for implementing automation and chatbots. This allows your customer care agents to work more efficiently. These developments offer great opportunities for companies to lift customer care to a higher level.

The near future wants to make it as easy as possible to profit from all the benefits of Social Messaging. Being available anytime, easy implementation of social messaging in your current CRM system and seamlessly transferring conversations to colleagues. All of this is made possible by Customer Contact,’s new customer care tool.

Customer Contact is a mobile messaging platform which allows you to communicate with customers that approach you via multiple different social media channels, including Facebook Messenger. Try Customer Contact for a seamless customer experience and chat with all customers on all channels. Curious?

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