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Meet our Techno Girl Interns: Documentary Episode 1

As part of the strategic partnership with UNICEF, two young South African developers are doing their internships at CM's Dutch headquarters in 2018. Meet Jennifer Nkhwashu and Pertunia Mojapelo, our two new South African interns. As a proud partner of UNICEF, participates in the Techno Girl program, hoping to give these two girls a unique experience in The Netherlands.

"The fact that CM is creating life-changing applications made it a perfect place for an internship", says Pertunia Mojapelo who recently arrived in the Netherlands. In short, The Unicef Techno Girl program affords girls in South Africa the opportunities they need to build careers in STEM subject (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

Together with Jennifer Nkhwashu, Pertunia just embarked on a two-month internship as a developer at CM's head office in Breda. Since they graduated from the university of Pretoria and Johannesburg, the assignment at CM marks the beginning of their careers in tech. 

"When I compare what we get to do here with what we did at university, things are much more in depth. So adjusting to that will be one of the challenges", says Jennifer Nkhwashu. 

Partnership with UNICEF

Jennifer Nkhwashu and Pertunia Mojapelo will work on the front and back ends of the uptime monitor, giving customers better insight into their traffic on the CM platform. 

The internship is one of CM’s strategic partnerships with UNICEF. One other just as valuable initiative being boosting donations worldwide using CM’s McMoney app. In return, CM organizes and takes part in UNICEF charity actions to increase donations and raise awareness of young people's living conditions worldwide.

Get to know the girls

Here is the first episode of a mini documentary series we’re producing in which one of our CM employees, meets the girls to talk about their expectations before heading to Breda.

Want to follow the girls adventure in the Netherlands? You can follow them on Instagram here.

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